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My Customers Always Ask..."How Can I Write Proposals That Actually Convert?"
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"Game changer right here. Why the heck would you not get this? My own proposal was so techy based, it confused people, this was a simple plug and send template. GOLD!"
Peter Butler
"I used to spend hours getting a proposal ready; with this template, I am able to create even higher-quality proposals in about 20 minutes."
Katie Dahl
"I'm not a member but I have used your insights and educational materials to rework several of my approaches to proposals. I just want you to know that I just secured my largest account to date in large part due to your insights - $40,000 website project with $17,500 per month recurring revenue!! Yes, you read that correctly. We are obviously handling a lot of their digital marketing needs (all of them actually). I want to personally thank you for the great ideas and tips you share. I could not have landed this deal without them."
Tim Woda​
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