Get 3 Pre-Built Client Acquisition Funnels!

Elementor Template funnels to help you bring in clients and generate millions of dollars in sales.

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Tried, tested and proven tactics.

Build your own high-converting sales funnels for high-ticket products and services. 

What People Are Saying...

"I just sold a High Ticket Sales Funnel build for $24,000! I followed the sales script word-for-word, built the value of the offer, and you know what? The client told me that the investment was a complete no brainer! I can't recommend Troy, Dave, and High Ticket Sales Funnels enough."
Jason Westbrook
"A coach came to me with a plan to fill ten coaching spots at $5,000 each. A week after making her funnel live, she had over 175 applications, and 104 scheduled consults booked by pre-qualified leads, ready to invest $5000. The funnel was so successful at capturing leads we had to turn it off! As of right now, she's had 15 people sign contracts, and has banked $75K. She's also sent two referrals my way, both of whom have invested in $10K packages. I haven't even built my own High Ticket Sales Funnel yet, but I've already made a 33X return on my investment!"
Jennie Lakenan
"I now have so much clarity about the products and value I provide to my clients! Thank you Troy Dean and Dave Foy!"
Daniel Fava
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