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48 Hour Leads Course & Workshops

Here is what you get:

:white_check_mark: How To Generate Quality Leads In Less Than 48 Hours ($497 value). This is a step by step guide on how to go from idea to leads in your back pocket using the ridiculously simple 2 Phase, Facebook lead ad campaign.

:white_check_mark:Step by step video walkthrough that shows you how to quickly get your Facebook Lead Ad off the ground in less than 48 hours…and start generating leads right now!

:white_check_mark: Implementation Workshop To Hit The Ground Running ($997 value). Whether you feel FB ads has let you down before OR you’ve never had a go at running ads yourself….This workshop is designed to put that all behind you. That way you know exactly what needs to happen before you press go on your next campaign.

:white_check_mark: Bonus: Complimentary Copy of The Godfather Method Course (over 150+ previously sold – $997 value!) – The Ultimate guide to craft the perfect offer your market can’t refuse. If you’re stuck charging breadcrumbs for teeny-tiny projects…The Godfather Method will show you how to confidently piece together an ROI driven offer your prospects would happily pay $10K+ for.

:white_check_mark: Bonus: Copy and Paste Follow Up Emails To Land Booked Calls In Your Calendar ($509 value). I asked my copywriter to share what’s working right now to accelerate the trust building process and land Facebook Lead Ad prospects into your calendar…using an objection busting email sequence template. Yours free when you invest today!

:white_check_mark: Bonus: Get Your Ad Critiqued For Free Workshop ($997 value): Don’t know what to say in your ad? Well I’ve asked my same copywriter with over $15million+ in results to show up and run a workshop to nail your ads. This way if you have any hesitations or doubts whether your copy will fly, we’ll make sure it’s fully optimised for conversions.

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