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Congratulations for getting your hands on the Paid Discovery Method. 

Well done for being an action taker that’s serious about results for your agency.

You’ve made the right decision.

This is the start of a new chapter for you…

Because there’s no feeling like closing your first client on a paid discovery.

It’s exhilarating.

It’s a rush.

And best of all…

It’s an opportunity to start fresh and work with substantially better clients.

So well done.

Now before you dive into the PDM, I want to give you one more free unannounced bonus.

How Would You Like To Turbo Charge Your New Paid Discovery Method And Hit The Ground Running With Crystal Clear Clarity?

Well, as a bonus and thank you for investing in the PDM…

We’re rewarding the first 50 action-takers with something very special, free of charge.

It’s a complimentary 1-1 Clarity Call with my team so you’ve got a clear roadmap to help you land bigger, high-paying clients more often…specific to your industry using the PDM.

Whether you’re in Ecommerce. Web services. Advertising.

Or whatever industry you’re in…

On this free call we’ll…

  1. Assess your current opportunities and categorise which one’s are the most profitable to go after so you know exactly where to start after the call.

  2. Identify the energy-vampire prospects in your industry to stay away from so you only target fantastic clients moving forward.

  3. Quantify the specific actions you need to take to hit your next revenue milestone using the PDM.

Now because we’ve only got a small team…

Our capacity to take these calls is limited.

And that’s why we can only give away 50 of these complimentary Clarity Calls.

The link below to secure your Clarity Call is valid until 11:59PM June 30.

We need to get moving with the new financial year here in Australia…

So to avoid disappointment, click the button below and secure your Clarity Call now.


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Now you may be wondering… Is this ‘bonus’ just a sales call in disguise?

It’s a good point and the answer is no, this call isn’t designed to hard-sell you into anything.

The Clarity Call is my way of saying thanks for investing…

And to help accelerate your path to bigger, high-paying clients more often…specific to your industry.

Sure, if you feel like you got immense value out of the call..

And you’re interested in learning about how we can take your agency to the next level…

We can chat about that.


There’s absolutely no-obligation to do anything.

You’ll walk away from the Clarity Call with a clear gameplan to maximise your current opportunities into paid discoveries.

Now remember…

To avoid missing out on this free bonus…

Make sure you secure your spot BEFORE July 1st.

The link expires at 11:59PM June 30 Melbourne time and due to our team’s capacity…

Spots are limited to the first 50 action takers.

So if you’d like a bit of extra hand-holding to get a headstart with the PDM…

Make sure you click the button below to schedule your no obligation Clarity Call now.


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