Agency Mavericks First Ever Black Friday Deal
(Total Value $3997)… 90% OFF!

What if We Held You by the Hand & Guaranteed You Red-Hot Leads Into Your Calendar Within 48 Hours?

Without complicated funnels or frustrating zapier automations.

Without needing to sell a kidney to pay for a copywriter.

And without being held hostage by an ads manager just to get the campaign off the ground.

Well the good news is, this is your opportunity to get in early on how to run ridiculously simple yet deadly effective Facebook Lead ads.

And it’s perfect if…

The best part is…

You can purchase it today as part of our first-ever Black Friday deal.

That's right, we have never taken part in Black Friday before! But this is just too good to not share with a wider audience. 

(Total Value $3997)... 90% OFF!

Today Only Black Friday Pricing… Just 1 Single Payment of $397

*Payment plans available

You won’t see this Black Friday offer at 90% off ever again…

We have stacked the value in your favour because we’re hungry for your success.

Like I mentioned we’re looking for build some solid case studies from these workshops. After we’ve run them everyone else only gets the recordings. You’re getting privileged access to an interactive workshop unavailable anywhere else after this event.

Now if you were to buy all these components separately outside Black Friday, how much would the investment be?

Normally we sell The Godfather Method for $997 (you can double check our website if you think I’m bluffing). It’s yours free in today’s special offer.

To get on a workshop with me outside of Mavericks or Sales Accelerator is worth at least $997 (I rarely do group coaching outside of our programs anymore).

And then the copy!

If you’re looking to hire a half decent copywriter to critique your work and give suggestions…the absolute minimum would be $1500 – and for good reason…just one idea they give you could mean hit a screaming home-run with your promotions.

Plus we’re dialling up the ‘easy button’ by giving you a fill-in-the-blank Facebook lead ad follow email sequence.

These follow-up AND call show up emails have been verified and tested after $10million in sales.

How do we even put a value on that?

And yes I admit, $10million sounds exaggerated a little, doesn’t it? Well take a look at these (I asked my copywriter to provide proof of his claims).

Bottomline you’re in good hands with this strictly limited Black Friday 90% OFF offer. We won’t be running these workshops live again…

This is your opportunity to nail probably the most important skill in any agency.

Finding and closing clients with a solid lead generation system.

So if you’re looking to wipe the slate clean after a weird couple years what we’ve seen during these uncertain times.

Now’s your chance to claim 90% off our Black Friday Bundle..

Take a look at this campaign I ran the other day…

I’ve secured an email, a name and most importantly…a verified phone number the prospect uses to login into Facebook with…for $20.66

That way you know you’re getting accurate contact details to follow up with.

This is the power of a Facebook Lead Ad.

They’re quick to set up.

They’re effective at attracting quality leads.

And unlike most other FB ads where you send traffic to a landing page or a funnel…

A FB lead ad is kind of like a landing page but it’s already built into Facebook.

There’s already credibility built into the lead form.

Facebook even fills out the form for your prospect.

If it’s so easy then… Why pay $397 for something you could simply look up on YouTube how to set up?

Great question.

Because knowing WHAT to say in a Facebook Lead Ad is crucial.

We all know if your message sucks, no one is going to pay attention and fill out your lead form.

And Zuckerberg will happily swipe your credit card with a courteous smile…while you’re left with wondering if Facebook ads even work.

  • So how do you know what to say in a Facebook lead ad…
  • Get the right people interested in your offer.
  • And get a bunch of leads into your calendar without blowing your budget?

Well it comes down to how you set up your PRE Lead Ad campaign and what to say once the market gives you some answers.

Now because this is our first-ever Black Friday deal, you’ll get the opportunity to receive some free coaching from me.

That's what we'll cover in the first workshop, how to implement everything I teach inside the course and get your Facebook Lead ads working.

But can I over deliver?

I know that writing the copy for the ad can be the most frustrating part. Especially if you don’t consider yourself a writer.

That’s why we’re including a SECOND workshop to let you submit your ads and get them critiqued live.

I’m calling in my copywriter with over $15 million in client results to help make your ad the best it can be.

That way your ad is ready to rock and roll for maximum conversions.

And sure, you can submit it anonymously if you wish.

The point is, we want everyone who invests in the 48-Hour Leads Course & Workshop to get results FAST.

Not only that…

I twisted my copywriter's arm to get him to write you the follow-up emails that go after someone puts their hand up in your lead ad.

One of his clients in the property development niche is pulling in a million a month using FB Lead ads and those emails.

The good news is, you’re getting your own templated copy of those follow up emails too.

However this all goes without saying…

I need to admit a slight flaw with the 48 Hour Leads Course & Workshop offer.

It’s a fairly new system we’ve tested only with ourselves here at Agency Mavericks and with our high-ticket coaching clients. 

We haven’t had the opportunity to go out and get lots of testimonials.

That’s why we’re launching this offer at a Black Friday pricing of $397.

To be frank, I want you to be our next case study.

So I’ve made today’s offer a complete no-brainer with everything you need to ensure you get results…fast!

That’s why we’re running TWO live workshops to get your ads off the ground and generating leads immediately.

Here’s what you get when you act now & invest in the 48 Hour Leads Black Friday offer today.

How To Generate Quality Leads In Less Than 48 Hours ($497 value)

This is a step by step guide on how to go from idea to leads in your backpocket using the ridiculously simple 2 Phase, Facebook lead ad campaign.

Step by Step Video Walkthrough

Step by step video walkthrough that shows you how to quickly get your Facebook Lead Ad off the ground in less than 48 hours…and start generating leads right now!

Implementation Workshop To Hit The Ground Running ($997 value)

Whether you feel FB ads has let you down before OR you’ve never had a go at running ads yourself….This workshop is designed to put that all behind you. That way you know exactly what needs to happen before you press go on your next campaign.

Bonus: Complimentary Copy of The Godfather Method Course (over 150+ previously sold - $997 value!)

The Ultimate guide to craft the perfect offer your market can’t refuse. If you’re stuck charging breadcrumbs for teeny-tiny projects…The Godfather Method will show you how to confidently piece together an ROI driven offer your prospects would happily pay $10K+ for.

Bonus: Copy and Paste Follow Up Emails To Land Booked Calls In Your Calendar ($509 value)

I asked my copywriter to share what’s working right now to accelerate the trust building process and land Facebook Lead Ad prospects into your calendar…using an objection busting email sequence template. Yours free when you invest today!

Bonus: Get Your Ad Critiqued For Free Workshop ($997 value)

Don’t know what to say in your ad? Well I’ve asked my same copywriter with over $15million+ in results to show up and run a workshop to nail your ads. This way if you have any hesitations or doubts whether your copy will fly, we’ll make sure it’s fully optimised for conversions.

Bonus: Front End Facebook Ad Offers That Convert Strangers Into Appointments (Recorded workshop from MavCon 2022):

What if my CMO & ads guy (Thisu) showed you how someone with C grade copywriting skills can still generate 30-40 leads per day? The secret comes down to crafting an amazing front end offer for people to put their hand and try you out. This workshop walks you through Thisu’s 10 Step Front End Offer Framework, yours free when you pre-purchase today.
(Total Value $3997)... 90% OFF!

Today Only Black Friday Pricing… Just 1 Single Payment of $397

*Payment plans available

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

You will receive access to the 48-Hour Leads course and The Godfather Method course straight away, as well as the bonus copy and paste follow-up emails. 

Our courses are now on the Circle platform, so look out for the invite email to join or click the link in your welcome email you receive as soon as you purchase this Black Friday offer. 

Workshop #1

AUS AEST (Sydney) 8am Friday December 2nd / US Pacific time (LA) 1pm Thursday December 1st

Workshop #2

AUS AEST (Sydney) 8:30am Tuesday December 6th / US Pacific time (LA) 1:30pm Monday December 5th

If you aren't able to attend the live workshops, you will have full access to the recordings. 

That’s up to you. The 48 Hour Leads Guaranteed Course & Workshop is a paid acquisition strategy made for quick results.

Whereas the Client Acquisition Formula shows you the secrets to finding highly qualified prospects on your own for free with: direct outreach, authority building and strategic partnerships.

The Client Acquisition Formula is a much broader and in depth course that takes some time and effort to get moving – yet works brilliantly.

Whereas the 48 Hour Leads Guaranteed Course & Workshop is designed for speed…without blowing your budget.

Bottomline, you do still need to put in some work.

We’re making sure you have every piece to ensure your success with the 48 Hour Leads Guaranteed Course & Workshop.

You’re getting the implementation workshop to hit the ground running.

You’ll get your big idea nailed at the ad writing critique workshop.

The follow up email templates to scoop up any hot leads into your calendar.

Plus any new update or addition we’ll add to the program, you’ll get absolutely free.

And I’ll even safeguard your investment with 365 No Lead – No Payment guarantee – plus I’ll even give you $100 for wasting your time if you still don’t see results.

You simply can't lose.

If you want the skills, knowledge and confidence to make it rain with leads in your agency…

And speed is your priority…

I’d highly recommend grabbing the 48 Hour Leads Guaranteed Course & Workshop.

It’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick cash injection with a healthy flow of leads coming your way.

It all depends on your situation.

If you’re twiddling your thumbs and there’s no business coming your way…

I would 100% start with the 48 Hour Leads Guaranteed Course & Workshop.

Leads are the lifeblood of any agency.

You can then use the sales from those deals to then pay people to clean up the mess and implement the next thing.

(Total Value $3997)... 90% OFF!

Today Only Black Friday Pricing… Just 1 Single Payment of $397

*Payment plans available

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