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G'day. I'm Troy Dean, from Video User Manuals and Agency Mavericks. This is ‘The 101 Ways to Elevate Yourself and Demand Higher Fees: A Practical Guide for WordPress Consultants to Start Attracting Better-Quality Clients, Work on Better, More Interesting Projects, and Get Paid Better Fees'. Let's go elevate.

A final bonus in the 101 ways to elevate yourself and demand higher fees, of course, is to join Agency Mavericks. Agency Mavericks is the world's first business accelerator program designed specifically for WordPress consultants to start attracting better clients, work on better, more interesting projects, and get paid better fees. We have WordPress consultants from all over the world in this business accelerator program, learning how to apply positioning, how to write better proposals, how to do everything right in managing client relationships from the moment you cross paths with a client to get to a point where you're not negotiating on price. Clients respect your process and you are delivering awesome projects that are profitable, and you have a steady flow of leads and referrals coming into your business.

Of course, the best way to accelerator your learning and really elevate yourself is to join your peers. Join dozens of other WordPress consultants from all over the world in the Agency Mavericks Program and get some professional advice and coaching to help you implement this stuff in your business, and take your WordPress business to the next level. I love WordPress. WordPress has been very kind to me. It's allowed me to build a business to support the lifestyle I want. I work for myself. I work when I want. I work on the projects I want with the clients I want. It's pretty stress-free. I have a premium plugin business. It's an awesome lifestyle that's been afforded by using WordPress and applying these positioning strategies that we've been talking about in these series of videos.

Get on over to WPElevation.com and learn more about the Agency Mavericks Program, and elevate yourself above the pack as a WordPress consultant. I hope you can make it into the program, and I look forward to learning more about you and yours business in Agency Mavericks. Please, leave us some comments underneath the videos in these series and tell us how you're using this stuff in your business, any frustrations you're having, and of course, share with us the successes that you're having in your business, as well.

I'm going to sign off right now. This has been a limited-edition podcast, ‘The 101 Ways to Elevate Yourself and Demand Higher Fees'. This is the final episode. Make sure you subscribe to the ‘Agency Mavericks' podcast, where we interview awesome entrepreneurs in the WordPress space and outside the WordPress space about how to become an outstanding and exceptional consultant; how to manage client work, how to position yourself, and how to generate leads. We talk to a whole range of different people from all over the world who are very successful in business to try and help you guys elevate yourself as WordPress consults.

Subscribe to the ‘Agency Mavericks' podcast; just search for ‘Agency Mavericks' in iTunes. Make sure you subscribe to that. Visit us at WPElevation.com. Until I see you next time, go elevate.

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I am the Founder of Agency Mavericks. The reason I get out of bed every day is because I love helping people to grow their web design or digital marketing businesses. I do this through coaching, creating courses, speaking, consulting and heading up our awesome community.

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