High Ticket Sales & Marketing Funnels

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high ticket sales marketing training

If you’re a freelancer or digital marketing agency owner, you have dealt with the endless cycle of unstable work & frustrating clients in a time-for-money business model.

This is the way that most businesses operate, but it is not necessarily the way they succeed.

In the early days of an entrepreneur’s life, juggling multiple roles, working around the clock, and barely making ends meet is a humbling reality. The laptop lifestyle, rapid growth, and incredible success you once imagined seem even further away.

This can be frustrating, and ultimately, no one wins. You feel trapped and stressed, your clients aren’t getting the best service, and the people in your life start to slip down your priority list.

Thankfully, there is a different way to market yourself to sell services. A way that allows you to package your skills and expertise rather than trading your time for money. A way that allows you to have more calendar time while simultaneously growing your monthly revenue. And a way that allows you to exceed your client’s expectations and spend more time with the people you love.

sales conversion funnel course
That highly efficient technique is implementing automated sales funnels.
A streamlined, automated process of generating, high-quality, qualified leads.

How do automated sales funnels work?

sales conversion funnel training

The primary goal of an automated sales funnel is to generate pre-qualified, genuine leads by positioning you as an authority and making your services highly desirable to the potential client. A series of sequential web pages ensure that the clients who make it to a sales call are willing to pay top dollar for your services.

When implementing a sales funnel, you must execute the strategy and architecture correctly to ensure a seamless customer experience.

At Agency Mavericks, our High Ticket Sales Funnel course spares no detail. You will understand the theory of an automated sales funnel, have access to proven resources for maximum success, and feel confident launching your sales funnel to potential clients.

At Agency Mavericks, we make a promise to only teach:

Proven strategies that have been tried and tested in different sized agencies across the world.​

Actionable processes that are all accompanied by a relevant template, file, or resource.

marketing conversion funnel training

The High Ticket Sales Funnels course

With Agency Mavericks' High Ticket Sales Funnel course, you can learn the strategy and methods to execute a highly effective marketing sales funnel.
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In 35 days or less, you will be ready to launch your high ticket sales funnel. And along the way, your experienced coaches will show you how to start running your business with purpose.

You will be led by two digital marketing professionals with highly successful businesses. Troy Dean, CEO of Agency Mavericks, and Dave Foy, founder of Design Build Web. 

Their experience working with thousands of digital marketing entrepreneurs, combined with their business success with sales funnels, allows them to teach a comprehensive course.

When you enroll in Agency Mavericks' High-Ticket Sales Funnel course, you are accessing the exact formula that Troy has implemented to effortlessly grow Agency Mavericks and the exclusive Mavericks Club. He continues to assist digital marketing freelancers to grow into thriving business owners by teaching the exact method that has contributed to his success.

Is High Ticket Sales Funnel Course right for you?

The High-Ticket Sales Funnel course is for established businesses with experience serving clients. It is for business owners who are ready to learn and grow financially and personally.

You will access five modules of structured content and learn the insider knowledge to launch an automated sales funnel that attracts pre-qualified leads to your business.

The step-by-step blueprint is based on tried and tested methods that have helped thousands of students to build successful, profitable sales funnels.

In addition to the content, you will be a part of our exclusive online community and have lifetime access to the course. You will also learn how to sell sales funnels to your clients.

If you’re ready to invest in your business, secure your place in the course today.

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