Achieving the right outcomes with strategic subtraction

Richard Young

with Richard Young

What goals are you currently working towards?

Business goals? Perhaps you’re trying to grow a team of A-players. 

Fitness goals? Perhaps you’re working towards shedding some pounds before Summer. 

Or maybe you’re working on something less obvious, like solving a Rubik's cube for the first time.

Whatever your objectives are, you can apply the subjects discussed in our most recent episode of The Agency Hour Podcast to eventually accomplish them. 

Richard Young, a speaker, mentor, and coach of Performance Fulfilment, is with us this week. Richard specialises in working with groups of subject matter experts, primarily in the sports, education, and health sectors. He has some absolutely amazing insights that we think apply to all business types as well as everyone with a goal in life. 

We discuss some really interesting topics, such as how working less and getting more done, why moving more slowly can help you move more quickly, and how simplifying your life can help you see things more clearly.

But here's the kicker: Richard argues that doing your best isn't about adding more, but taking things away. 

Topics Include:

  • Performance systems and achieving the right outcomes with strategic subtraction.
  • Slowing down to go faster
  • Finding clarity by learning the skill of simply focusing on the basics
  • How the delivery of high performance is really a subtraction game
  • The impact of Covid on the business model
  • Why people find it difficult to identify the basics
  • What high performers do differently
  • Doing less better – Slowing Down to go faster
  • Experimenting with systems not goals (2-out 1-in)
  • Improvement vs the win
  • High performance in Individuals vs teams
  • Starting with values

Richard Young offers a unique point of view, contending that clearing your plate of any extraneous items will enable you to function at your best.

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