Balancing the Books: Kira Wiseman’s Guide to Agency Financial Health and Staff Engagement


with Kira Wiseman

This week on The Agency Hour Podcast we're diving into the critical but often overlooked aspects of agency management with Kira Wiseman. Kira brings her expertise in financial planning and team management to the forefront, offering agency owners a roadmap to financial stability and team engagement.

Kira Wiseman, a seasoned financial strategist, sheds light on the foundational financial aspects every agency owner should focus on. From tracking the right numbers to smart hiring practices, Kira's advice is a goldmine for those looking to steer their agency towards sustainable growth.

Show Notes

Essential Metrics to Track: 

Kira discusses which financial metrics are crucial for agencies to monitor right from the start.

Categorising Expenses: 

Learn how properly categorising expenses can provide clearer insights into your agency’s financial health.

Common Hiring Mistakes: 

Uncover the biggest pitfalls agencies face when expanding their teams.

Strategic Team Expansion: 

Kira offers advice on when and how to hire new team members effectively.

Creating a 12-Month Forecast: 

The importance of financial forecasting and how to approach it.

The Downside of Coaching Without Numbers: 

Kira emphasises the risks of focusing solely on coaching while ignoring critical financial data.

Engaging and Retaining Staff: 

Explore the challenge of keeping employees engaged and why it’s essential for productivity.

The Essence of a Company: 

A discussion on what truly defines a company beyond its financials.

Employee Engagement and Productivity: 

Delve into why engaged employees are more productive and how to foster this engagement.

Growth and Retention Strategies: 

“Help them grow or watch them go” – Kira's mantra for staff development and retention.

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