Building a Sales Team With Cole Gordon


with Troy Dean & Cole Gordon

Are you looking to build a sales team? Cole Gordon is a top-notch sales guru as the CEO of, who can help you get the most out of your sales team. He has years of experience building and leading successful sales teams. In this episode of The Agency Hour he shares his tips for getting the most out of your sales team and getting yourself off the phones. Read on to learn how to create a winning sales team!

Topics Covered on the Agency Hour/Podcast

  • Who is Cole Gordon?
  • What is
  • Agency Mavericks’ relationship with
  • Damien, our Head of Sales came from Cole’s team. 
  • How do you know you're ready for a sales team?
  • How do you hand off sales to someone else?
  • Rule 1: Getting the right foundations in place
    • Validated offer
    • Have an optimal selling system
    • Has to be predictable, reliable and repeatable 
    • High demand
    • Create a converter belt
  • Finding the route problem of your potential customer
  • Founders Syndrome
  • Can’t be everything to everybody because it makes you nothing to nobody
  • Why is what your doing unique/superior to your competition?
  • Take yourself out, put 2 sales reps in
    • Rule 2: Creates Data. The human brain can only make sense of comparison.
  • 30 Day Ramping Process
    • First 7 days: Focus on Company SOPS and Role SOPs. 
      • Do admin when they are exhausted at the end of the day
    • Next 7 Days: First 7 days in the phone. Setter let loose. Closers give them half volume and give them a very close feedback loop
      • Quality Control is SO important
      • Sales meetings should be group training sessions
  • Growing create friction. Vision, Mission and Values create a set of standards that individuals have to follow that enables the business to grow smoother. 
  • White label VS In house staffing
  • Compensation Options for your Sales Team 
  • What is your lead source?

If you feel like your business is ready for the next level, or you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help handing off sales to someone else, we have a few foundational rules that we live by here. 

Rule number one is that you must have the right foundations in place- this means having a validated offer, an optimal selling system that is predictable, reliable and repeatable, and positioning your offer so it has a high demand. Once you have these elements in place, creating a converter belt of potential customers becomes much easier. 

In be successful in sales, it’s essential to remove your personal biases and judgments and put someone else in your place. This is where rule number two comes into play. Creating data through comparison is how the human brain makes sense of information. By implementing a 30-day ramping process, you can give your team members the time they need to get up to speed without putting undue pressure on them. 

And finally, don’t forget about admin tasks! When sales reps are exhausted at the end of the day, let them do some light paperwork or follow-up tasks to feel like they’ve accomplished something. 

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