Podcast Episode #121

Mastering LinkedIn with David Hobson

David Hobson
Podcast Episode #121
Dave Hobson
Dave Hobson

Are you using LinkedIn to grow your business? Today’s guest can tell you exactly how to use the social media platform in a way others are not, giving you an edge on your competition. David Hobson, is a LinkedIn Master who spends most of his time working at Foundr Magazine in the digital marketing section. He’ll be sharing his top LinkedIn tips for WordPress consultants in this interview.  Tune in to get the LinkedIn edge over your competition here on the WP Elevation podcast.

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Show Notes

David Hobson has been working online for most of his career, and when he can’t find a way to do something he turns to technology for the answer. He likes LinkedIn it because it’s measurable and practical. In fact, he’s had such great success with it that he has become the go-to guy for growing and accelerating a business with LinkedIn.

When I asked him why WordPress consultants need to be savvy with their use of LinkedIn, he said it is an important social media platform, especially for consultants. The primary reason is that LinkedIn is the go-to professional social media platform today. It’s important to remember it exists and as a WordPress Consultant should be part of your brand and online presence.

The reason LinkedIn is so key is because a lot of people trust what they see on LinkedIn versus websites and other platforms. LinkedIn has a high trust rating; it’s verified versus a website which is not. It confirms your image if you are doing it right. It’s recognized as social proof, and it’s expected you show up as a professional on the site.

I also asked him to explain the basics of setting up your profile and presence on LinkedIn, and how to do it properly. David said it’s about consistency. LinkedIn started as a resume platform but has now morphed into a personal branding platform and should be treated as such.

He says based on studies people look at profile pictures or avatars first. These are important for that reason and also because of something called “thin slicing.” Thin slicing is a sociological term and explains why people within a split second will form a very strong, almost permanent impression of you. This impression is a very hard one to shake, even if they’ve never met you in person!

Based on your photo they will look at your profile and judge your warmth, your competency, etc. and will do so all within a microsecond. So if you’re going to spend time and money anywhere, that’s where to do it! Be sure you are either smiling or at least be neutral in your profile picture/avatar.

After the profile photo, you should spend time on your professional headline, and then your summary. If you’re going to spend 30 minutes on your profile, these are the three areas to focus on.

Regarding your headline, David recommends getting straight to the point. Headlines are used to grab attention and pull people in, don’t list a job title. Instead, say you’re a WordPress Consultant for physiotherapists in Melbourne. That is a good headline because it is specific and talks directly to your target market.

Finally, with your summary, keep it short. All you need to list is who you are, who you work with, how you can help them and the next step to get in touch with you. You want a call to action here, get them out of LinkedIn and onto your website, or include an email or phone.

Today David also explains what endorsements are, whether or not they are worth it, and why you should have a minimum of 5 (preferably 10) recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. He explains how to get them, even if you don’t have clients.

Speaking of clients, David also gives you a step-by-step description of how to find reputable, good-paying clients to work with through LinkedIn. And he describes the multiple ways to approach and connect with these potential clients once you find them.

Lastly, we wrap our chat with the topic of content marketing on LinkedIn. David tells you how often to post, what to post (curating content vs. original content) and some scheduling tools to use to make it easier for you. Plus he gives away 2 LinkedIn secrets! You’ll definitely want to tune in for those.

Have a listen for that and more on today’s WP Elevation podcast.

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