Podcast Episode #37

WP Think Tank

WP Think Tank
Part 2
Podcast Episode #37

WP Think Tank #2 is the second instalment in this panel discussion about the future of WordPress. This episode includes panellists Matt Medeiros from the Matt Report, Alex King from Crowd Favorite, Lisa Sabin-Wilson from WebDev Studios and author of WordPress for Dummies, Brian Clark from Copyblogger, Tom Willmot from Human Made, Miriam Schwab from Illuminea and Cory Miller from iThemes. Get out your pop-corn and settle in for the show!

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Show Notes

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • Are we backing ourselves into a corner using WordPress for e-commerce? Tom, Alex and Lisa talking about the suitability of WordPress for enterprise clients.
  • Brian shares the key to selling open source to enterprise. It sounds crazy but makes sense!
  • Brian outlining the problems that his New Rainmaker platform is trying to solve: powerful, simple and affordable.
  • Disconnect between front end and back end of WordPress and the interface challenge.
  • Cory’s ideas on adding complications only as you need them.
  • Why Matt likes the essence of keeping WordPress as a content platform.
  • Tom’s advice on finding a niche and making that niche really specific.
  • WP as a product competing with paid hosting; and “WordPress Virgins” expectations of the product.
  • Cory and Matt chatting off-camera about doing shots!


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Watch out for the competition in next weeks podcast with Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing.

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