Podcast Episode #91

Seth Godin

Seth Godin
With Kristina Romero
Podcast Episode #91

On today’s episode of WP Elevation, we’ve got something new for you! In a totally different style and format from our usual interview, we’re bringing the one and only best-selling author Seth Godin on to chat with one of our own WP Elevation members Kristina Romero.

Seth, Kristina and I talk about where she is in her business, where she wants to go and the best strategies to get her there. It’s an incredibly insightful and informative show thanks to Kristina’s candidness and Seth’s amazing marketing mind!

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No prize this week but Seth has graciously discounted his ever-popular Udemy course on freelancing. It's normally priced at $59, but you can use the code WP to get it for $29.

Show Notes

You’ve most likely heard of Seth Godin; he’s a New York Times best-selling author who is known for his marketing genius. As you might imagine he’s done the interview circuit countless times, so I wanted to do something different with him on this show.

Seth graciously agreed to join us and provide his expert input into this unique session: he works one on one with a WP Elevation member, Kristina Romero. Kristina has a successful consulting business she has built from the ground up. Originally she started out as a WordPress specialist helping people design and code their sites.

From there she expanded into the consulting side of things and even added a recurring membership payment option. Now she’s looking for ways to better leverage her time while making more money. She’s the mother of two (with a third on the way in September!) and doesn’t want to spend more time working but still wants to serve as many people as she can.

Seth’s first bit of advice to her is golden and something everyone needs to follow: sell stuff to people who want to buy and can afford to buy it.

And be specific in what you offer, you’ll position yourself ahead of everyone else by doing so. In his own words, he quotes Zig Ziglar and says,

We tackle the subject of moving from the freelancing world to creating products. Seth has more sage words for Kristina and everyone else here too; when you are starting something new ask yourself why you’re doing it. Is it to make more money or is it for the craft of creating something? Focus on doing things for the craft, not to have bigger impact or more money in your bank accounts.

Seth also helps Kristina on the subject of scaling a personal connection. Kristina says she’s great at connecting with clients, and then they buy from her. But lately she’s been trying to reach the masses, and she gets no interaction.

His advice? Don’t do it! He explains why in this episode, along with what The Dip is and how to work through it (and why as entrepreneurs and business owners we must). We also discuss why it isn’t always about impacting more people. Have a listen to hear all of it on today’s WP Elevation show. Dare I say – our BEST show yet!

Reach Out

You can reach out and thank Seth Godin on Twitter and his web site. Connect with Kristina on her web site or on Twitter.

Suggested Guest

We’ll be checking back with Kristina in the next 30 days to hear what she’s done with Seth’s advice and how things have changed for her. Stay Tuned.

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