The Fastest Method to Getting Cash Flow for Your WordPress Business is…

The Fastest Method to Getting Cash Flow for Your WordPress Business is..

The biggest issue that WordPress businesses and consultants face is cash flow. In fact it’s the single most asphyxiating problem that all small businesses face.

For some reason, particularly as new businesses, we feel that continually finding new customers is the key to growing a business.

It sounds like I’m contradicting the Agency Mavericks blog when I say that new customers aren’t the be all and end all to growing your business. Troy talks about how to find and win new customers here.

But many businesses owners still feel there is a disconnect between your new customer sale and creating a regular customer out of them. I’m going to show you how to start that conversation with a customer to move them to a regular customer.

On top of all those problems, sometimes we’re a little lazy, shy or lack the confidence to ask customers the tough questions.

Start With Asking Them, “What Do You Need Next”?

At some point during your relationship with a customer, you’ll want to ask them:

“What do you need next?”

This is without a doubt, the strongest question in your sales arsenal. It’s like a magic key that opens up conversations you never thought would happen.

Think of it like this. You’ve completed a project, maybe a new website for a customer. They’ve launched (and of course you’ve launched it properly because you’ve got one of our courses).

After your conversations about login details and lost passwords (sigh), you can just ask:

“So what does your business need next?”

You’ll be amazed at the responses. Customers will basically tell you what they’re looking to buy next.

“Well, I need some sales from the website!” they might reply, eager to hear how you’re going to do that.

With your insight and knowledge, you know that sales come from leads and leads come from traffic. “If I can get more traffic to your site, would that be useful?”

All of a sudden you’re helping customers with their next goal.

When Do I Ask It?

If you need to ask when to have a conversation with a customer, the answer is probably just to send an email now and bite the bullet.

Even customers who you haven’t spoken to in a while want to be asked. At the very least you’ll start a dialogue with them and get them thinking about what they need to do.

It also begs the quandary, who do you ask? Do you ask leads this question? Or do you ask long time customers? The truth is that you can ask ANYONE.

Remember when I said that asking, “What do you want to do next?” is the most powerful question you’ve got? The reason it’s so powerful is because you can realistically ask it at any time.

Networking events, coaching calls, consultation sessions. Whenever you’re having a conversation with a customer or lead, ask them:

“What do you want to do next? What’s your next goal?”

Why it Works

Asking the question does two things:

  1. It positions you as someone who WANTS to know more about someone else's business. An old sales manager of mine used to tell me, “I always want to know the goals of the people I work with”. I’m sure he didn’t invent that saying, but knowing people’s goals shows you’re interested in them;
  2. Only people with a PLAN want to know what’s next. You’re asking because you can help. You’re not planning on taking the money and running, you’ve got more value to offer.

Your Customers Want to Buy Again

Your Customers WANT To Buy Again.

The biggest objection I face when I teach WordPress consultants this question, is their own self-confidence.

“I’ve just sold them a website, they’ve just handed me $5000! I can’t ask for more money!”

Typically, we often feel an ‘imposter syndrome’. Something in the back of our mind that says, “You’re going to be caught out. Discovered! Someone will realise you’ve basically conned them”.

Good news, if you’re feeling this, you probably haven’t conned them. Start reasoning with yourself and understand that you HAVE delivered something valuable.

If Your Customer Says They’re Happy, That Means They’re Happy!

So imagine, if your WordPress customers are happy with one project. Would they be happy with another?

It’s so important to understand that businesses and customers need reliable suppliers. If you’ve done a good job, they’ll want to keep you happy.

If you’re providing the right support and training and you’ve delivered above their expectations, you have every reason to ask them, “What’s next?”

Customers want to know that you’ve got their long-term goals in mind. They want to know you’re looking to develop the relationship.

Once They’ve Answered You…

Once they’ve answered you or replied to your email, think about the next logical step that their subsequent goal requires.

For example, let's say you’ve got a WordPress site for a customer running and you ask them:

“What’s your next goal?”

They reply with wanting to do more email marketing. So your next logical step is to see if they’ve got a list already, how they’re building a list and what tools they’re using.

You can use the ‘go wide go deep’ coaching technique on their new goals to understand what they want to do. Take those new goals and work out how to get those done.

The fact that you’re able to clearly work through goals with customers is worth your fee alone.

You’re now looking at a new project with a customer. New sales means cash-flow and it all stems from asking them, “What’s next?”


I’m not saying every single customer or lead will end in a sale with this question. In fact most won’t even reply to you. But it is without a doubt my favourite way to start engaging with customers and leads.

I’ve NEVER had a customer angry that I’ve asked this. Usually, they respond with, “I want more of the same!” and we’ll have a chat about what they’re looking for.

If getting more clients is something that YOU want next for your business, you need to check out our ‘Get More Clients Course’ here. It’s totally free and is going to show you the exact process you need to start getting more customers for your WordPress business

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