Global Connections: Damon Simms on Bridging Business Between New Zealand and Southeast Asia

Damon Simms

with Damon Simms

Welcome to another episode of The Agency Hour Podcast, where we delve into the world of web design and digital agency ownership, guiding you towards creating abundance in all aspects of life. This week, we're thrilled to have Damon Simms from across the ditch in New Zealand. Damon, the Co-Founder of Aseanz, is an expert in forging meaningful connections between New Zealand and Southeast Asian institutions, businesses, and entrepreneurs, amplifying their commercial impact.

Damon’s journey begins with his decision to leave the traditional workforce. His experience highlights the power of strategic networking and cultural understanding in global business. In this episode, we explore the intricacies of building robust connections between New Zealand and Southeast Asian companies, uncovering opportunities in import and export, and adapting to the unique marketing needs of different cultures.

Show Notes

Damon's Career Shift: 

Understand the motivations that led Damon to step away from the workforce, a decision reflecting a desire for greater impact and autonomy.

Building Cross-Continental Connections: 

Learn about the strategies and processes Damon employs to strengthen ties between New Zealand and Southeast Asian businesses.

Import and Export Opportunities: 

Discover which products and services are currently in demand, providing lucrative opportunities for businesses looking to expand their reach.

Cultural Adaptation in Marketing: 

Gain insights into the crucial cultural shifts required when marketing to Southeast Asian markets, and how understanding these nuances can significantly impact success.

The Role of Aseanz

Explore the mission and achievements of Aseanz in fostering international business relationships and enhancing commercial impact.

Navigating International Business Challenges: 

Damon shares his experience and advice on overcoming the hurdles encountered in international business dealings.

Damon Simms' story is not just about business; it's about understanding and leveraging cultural diversity to create thriving commercial relationships. His insights are invaluable for any agency looking to expand its horizon beyond local markets and tap into the rich potential of international trade.

Remember, the world of business is no longer confined by geographical boundaries. By embracing cultural diversity and fostering international ties, the possibilities for growth are limitless. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Agency Hour Podcast for more enlightening conversations that help you build abundance in your agency and beyond.

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