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Manish Dudharejia

with Manish Dudharejia

Managing a whopping 180 team members, venturing into international opportunities, or understanding why your favourite Apple gadgets come from California's design tables but China's factories? All of these mysteries and more are unravelled in this exciting episode of ‘The Agency Hour Podcast.' Our guest, Manish Dudharejia, Founder & CEO of E2M Solutions, opens up his playbook to share how he made his agency a success and how you might do the same. 

Topics Include:

  • How E2M started
  • The secret to managing a massive team 
  • Managing mindset 
  • Giving you team Permission to make mistakes in order to grow
  • The importance of formatting communication with your team
  • AI team members 
  • Managing the internal knowledge base
  • How to increase capacity 
  • Why Apple products are designed in California but manufactured in China
  • Growing faster using international opportunities

Manish shares the origin story of E2M Solutions and the driving factors behind its success. 

Got 180 team members under one roof? Sounds like chaos, but Manish lays out his strategies for keeping things under control and fostering a positive environment.

You’ll also learn how E2M' deal with mindset challenges and fosters a culture of continuous improvement within their team.

If you're running a web design or digital agency, or even just curious about how to manage a complex team, this episode of ‘The Agency Hour Podcast‘ is essential listening. Join Troy Dean as he and Manish Dudharejia take you on a journey through the workings of a successful agency, sharing invaluable insights, strategies, and real-world experiences. Don't miss out!

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