How to Fill Your Calendar With Inbound Appointments Without Cold Outreach


with Troy Dean & Thisu Chandrarathna

There's a lot of talk in the marketing world about inbound vs outbound strategies these days. Outbound strategies, like cold emailing or calling prospects to try and sell them on your product or service, are becoming less and less effective. Inbound strategies, which focus on creating content that engages with potential customers and encourages them to come to you instead of you going out to find them, are becoming more popular because they work better. But what if you want to use an inbound strategy but don't want to wait for people to come to you? That's where appointment setting comes in. Appointment setting is a great way to fill your calendar with qualified leads without having to do any cold outreach. Thisura Chandrarathna our fractional CMO at Agency Mavericks, shares his secrets for generating leads and filling your calendar with quality inbound appointments.

Topics Covered on The Agency Hour

  • How do I get more Clients?
  • How do get more people on calls?
  • Increase your percentage on ROI
  • Different Channels
  • Word of mouth vs active client acquisition
  • Predictable repeatable way of generating clients
  • What is a sexy offer to people/How to preposition your product to create profit in your business?
  • Social Proof (testimonials, case studies and how to go about getting them)
  • Qualify the potential client 
  • Create a strong offer with the least amount of resistance.
  • What are micro front end offers?
  • Fix customer problems. Show them you can help them by actually helping them and delivering results in advance. 

So, what is the answer? How do you get more clients and increase your ROI? The answer is to find a predictable, repeatable way of acquiring them. You need to create an offer that people can’t refuse and use social proof to seal the deal. Once you have their attention, provide them with all the information they need to make an informed decision. Want to help how more about how we can help you with this? Reserve a call TODAY!

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