How to Mine Local Leads and Grow Your Business

Mike Spratt

with Troy Dean & Mike Spratt

Leads aren't hiding. In this video, fellow Mavericks club member Mike Spratt, of Gherkin Media, joins Troy Dean to explore how he has adapted Agency Mavericks concepts to mine your way to a good start with a new digital agency as well as the process for buying other agencies with confidence to create a triple win.

Topics Covered on The Agency Hour

  • Who is Mike Spratt of Gherkin Media? 
  • The Agency Mavericks strategies that Mike uses are Godfather Method, Hook Story, Blue Print, Customer Acquisitions formula, Sales Accelerator, Content Strategy, and High Ticket Sales Funnel. 
  • What is client mining?
  • How to scout potential clients?
  • Rating those potential clients.
  • Warm leads versus hot leads.
  • Cold Calls. They are not as hard as you think. 
  • How to attract these leads to you?
  • How Mike converts at such a high rate?
  • How mike Buys agencies with confidence?
  • CRM options: Airtable versus active campaign
  • Create Competition
  • How does Mike build websites so fast?  Wireframe Versus Templates
  • Mike’s Sales process.
  • Staff and Tech Stack
  • Recurring revenue 
  • How to buy other agencies?
  • What are the three questions to create a triple win? What do you want? What does the seller want? What do the clients need?
  • What to look at for your due diligence?
  • Active acquisition 
  • A clawback clause

In order to make more sales, you need to identify and attract potential clients. Mike has outlined a number of strategies that have helped him achieve success in his own business. He uses the Godfather Method, Hook Story, Blue Print, Customer Acquisitions formula, Sales Accelerator, Content Strategy, and High Ticket Sales Funnel. To mine find leads as well as rating those leads to determine how likely they are to become customers. Once you have identified a lead, it's important to reach out in a way that is both professional and personal. Cold Calls can be an effective way to start building a relationship with a potential customer. Finally, remember that attracting these leads takes time and effort but it's worth it when you see your sales and recurring increase. 

You can you create a win-win situation in your next business deal? By following the three questions of what do you want, what does the seller want, and what do the clients need. This will help ensure that all parties are satisfied with the arrangement and that everyone walks away feeling like they won. Of course, it’s not always easy to buy another agency—there are a few things you need to look out for. Make sure you have an active acquisition strategy in place and include a clawback clause in case things don’t go as planned.

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