How to Source, Vet and Hire Talent

Emily Hunkler

with Troy Dean & Emily Hunkler

You can't get ahead in business without hiring the right people. But sourcing, vetting and recruiting top talent is a daunting task! Especially in the last few year. In this Agency Hour we are joined by Emily Hunkler from GoWP so that she could give us some insights on how you should go about finding your next great hire.

Topics Covered on the Agency Hour

  • Who is Go WP?
  • Grow your Agency
  • The importance of having a tight, well-defined Job Description, including the why of the company. 
  • Getting the right person for the business culture.
  • Giving prospective employees a reason to work for your business. 
  • Importance of having a vision and mission.
  • Recruiting vs Direct Outreach 
  • How to have confidence in your vetting system?
  • Several interviews which include a skills assessments, a subject expert and trial projects. 
  • Importance of looking at an individuals soft skills i.e. communication skills.
  • Clear messaging in the interview process.

If you're looking to grow your agency, it's important to have a tight, well-defined job description that outlines the why of your company. It's also crucial to get the right person for your business culture – someone who will be a good fit and buy into your vision and mission. And finally, don't forget to give prospective employees a reason to work for you – something beyond just a paycheck. By following these tips, you can build a confident vetting system that ensures you're only bringing on top talent. Want to grow your business? Reserve a call TODAY. Our coaches are here to help you!

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