Start and Grow Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

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starting a digital marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies have become an essential service for successful businesses over the last decade.

Digital usage has never been greater, and businesses rely on websites, social media platforms, and digital marketing to enable and sustain their growth and success. In fact, the average person now spends more time online than all other media outlets combined. Being online is no longer optional and there is an ever-growing market eager to work with an agency like yours.

A career in digital marketing presents endless opportunities. Many large agencies have started with a single entrepreneurial freelancer. Agency Mavericks has watched this progression countless times. It really is possible, and you could be the next person to achieve it.  

Waiting for the perfect time to start your digital marketing agency?

It’s now. There are three key reasons why.

Firstly, we live in uncertain economic times and the best way to secure your future is to be in control of your life. 

Secondly, the demand for online marketing is growing rapidly meaning your services as a web designer or digital marketer are becoming essential. 

Finally, owning a digital agency is a great business model. You can tailor your services, work from anywhere, and have flexibility and control in your career.

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If you are a freelancer and are thinking about starting a digital marketing agency or you operate a small agency and are considering growing your business- now is a perfect time.
Don’t know how? Join Agency Mavericks' global group of digital creatives and access a wealth of knowledge.
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The difference between struggling and successful digital marketing agencies.

We know the online landscape is growing, which means it is also more competitive than ever. So how can your digital marketing agency stand out? Why should a client work with you instead of an agency across the road? What are the next steps to starting or developing your digital marketing agency into a thriving, successful, efficient powerhouse?

We’re so glad you asked.


More clients or better-quality clients.


Better team processes to ensure profitable projects.


Recurring revenue.

Future proof your digital marketing agency with Agency Mavericks.

Agency Mavericks helps digital creatives to build sustainable, profitable businesses. When you execute the structure and processes taught and tested by Agency Mavericks, you can future proof your digital agency.

When you join Agency Mavericks, you join a global network of ambitious digital marketers. From freelancers to large agency owners, you will access a wealth of practical information, learn from experienced, passionate coaches, meet like-minded business owners, and make valuable connections.

At Agency Mavericks, we make a promise to only teach:

Proven strategies that have been tried and tested in different sized agencies across the world.​

Actionable processes that are all accompanied by a relevant template, file, or resource.

The Digital Agency Blueprint Course

Agency Mavericks offers The Digital Agency Blueprint course, helping you to start or grow your digital marketing agency.
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After completing the course, you will no longer be dependent on word-of-mouth referrals, or lowball quotes. You will experience predictable, reliable growth, be pushed out of your comfort zone, be supported to take action, and encourage others who are on a similar journey.

The course covers everything from proposals and processes to offboarding and recurring revenue. The comprehensive course, support, and resources are available for committed, driven entrepreneurs who are ready to grow a successful digital marketing agency.

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