Insights From Our First Online Agency Mastermind Event

online mastermind set up

Each year in Mavericks Club we have multiple mastermind events for our agency owners to get together and spend 2-3 days dedicated to working on each other’s businesses. It’s always epic and there’s so much that we learn, share and do together that shows the power of having so many incredibly agency owners in the one room.

We usually have our mastermind in person, but due to COVID, we held our first online mastermind for our Mavericks Club members in June 2020.

In this article, I want to share with you some of the key takeaways from the most recent event.


Celebrate the Wins

We started our Mavericks event as we start all of our events – by celebrating wins. This gets everyone in a positive mindset to focus on what has been working well and to learn from one another of the opportunities that agencies are taking advantage of to serve their clients and to scale their business.

These are a few recent screenshots from the “ring the bell” channel within our Mavericks Club private Slack group:

online mastermind testimonial

Online mastermind testimonial

What It Means To Be A Maverick

How would you describe the character, Maverick, from Top Gun?

He stands out because he’s different. He’s bold, courageous, risky and perhaps even a bit arrogant – but he’s always in control. He knows his own capabilities as well as that of his plane so well that he’s able to take risks and push further than anyone else.

The confidence that comes from making decisions quickly and having a commitment to be the best can be seen as arrogant to many people, but it’s this fast-paced and massive action taking that’s different to what everyone else is doing.

Maverick generates attention and commands authority.

When you think about how you’re working with your clients – how bold, courageous and confident are you? How would it change your business if you were able to show up in sales conversations in the way you wanted to?

If you want to just compete with every other agency and freelancer out there, then just keep doing the same thing that everyone else is doing.

If you want to be a Maverick, be different.

Develop Your Signature System

A Signature System is a unique process that you use to take your clients from zero to hero.

We worked with our Mavericks to help them package what they're already doing for their clients and turn it into a signature system that delivers massive value and can be charged at a premium price point.

Using Visual Models in Agency Sales

We had a special guest Simon Bowen teach us how to use visual models to overcome sales objections and communicate to clients the benefits of long-term partnerships over one-off projects and small care plans.

There were so many ah-ha moments in this session and one that many people were quoting afterwards was:

“Who do your clients become because they chose you?”

This is a total shift in thinking from the way that many freelancers, consultants and agencies sell their services. Instead of looking at deliverables, this looks at the transformations that your clients get.

This is about more than just value stacking, this is about providing “profound value”. And as a buyer, there is nothing more profound than when someone just “gets you”.

Everything he explained was told to us using brilliant models like this:

Value stack visual model

This session absolutely blew us away!

One of our Mavericks Club members was able to make a +6K sale using these techniques within less than 24 hours.

Online mastermind testimonial

Opportunities for Partnerships

In Mavericks Club, we talk a lot about working on projects that are in your agency’s “sweet spot” so that you’re not stretched too thin trying to be everything to everyone.

But how do you still capitalise on the opportunities that come your way?

If a client wants SEO, but it’s not within your sweet spot, should you have to miss out completely? This is where partnerships come in to play. In this session, we guided our Mavericks through an exercise to identify their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for partnering with other agencies to deliver more value and generate more profit, while still maintaining control of the client relationship.


There was so much more gold at this MavCon, we’re absolutely thrilled at the results and have had incredible feedback from our members.

We also covered topics including building your authority to generate inbound leads, overcoming sales objections with insights, multiple mastermind sessions and more…

Thank You

Big thanks to everyone that was a part of this event to make it happen, including our guests Simon Bowen and Josh McKiterick, platform and technical help from Lee Jackson, the Agency Mavericks team and of course – all the Mavericks Club members!

These events and coaching you to your success is why we get up in the morning, so thank you for showing up and taking massive action.

Mavericks – we’ll see you in the group and on the coaching calls 😎

Non-Mavericks… if you'd like more information on the Mavericks Club, click here. 

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