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Clifford Almedia

with Troy Dean & Clifford Almeida

This week on The Agency Hour, we’re catching up with Clifford Almeida, CEO of My Web Audit, to discuss how you can improve your website AND help your clients achieve their goals using website, SEO, GBP, and other audits in your agency.

Web audits are an in-depth analysis of a website that can be used in your sales process to assess a potential client’s needs and objectives.  Similarly,  SEO audits and GBP audits provide agencies with opportunities of things they can address for their prospects or clients to help them rank better and get more leads or customers.

They can also be used to generate leads by identifying websites or GBP profiles that could benefit from your services. Once a client has engaged your services, web audits can be used as part of discovery to collect data about their website and visitors. And finally, web audits can be used to improve the performance of our own products and services.

There are many different types of web audits, but they all share one common goal: to improve the performance of websites.

Topics Covered on the Agency Hour/Podcast

  • Co-Host Adam Silverman
  • My Web Audit’s CEO Clifford Almeida
  • Sales Process – Add value, build trust and build authority
  • Using My Web Audit to generate leads
  • How WP Elevation, now Agency Mavericks helped Clifford Almedia 
  • Taking a risk to build software. Dream to build leverage.
  • When should someone use a web audit? 
  • The audit to solve a value gap or vision gap
  • Web audits to leverage the sales process.
  • Prospective clients and creating opportunities
  • Identify results
  • Cold outreach calls versus existing clients 
  • Templates of audits that can be customised 
  • Lead magnets
  • Syncs to your sales pipeline i.e, High Level 
  • ROI (Return on Investment) analysis 
  • Creating a ROI guarantee 
  • Selling the audit versus giving it away for free
  • Creates a way for the client to see you as an expert and how to build authority
  • Identify who you want to work with, find them, and then deliver value. 
  • How to get social proof if you are just starting out in digital marketing?
  • Managing expectations
  • My Web Audit is the tool to show a client a gap, but you need to have the products/services to fill that gap. 
  • My Web Audit and Agency Mavericks have different playbooks available to simplify and streamline your processes. Don’t just throw a dart and hope you hit something. 
  • Make sure you put an opportunity in front of somebody. 
  • Find common threads and build leverage on them. 
  • Check out the My Web Audit Special Offer

Whether you’re looking to generate leads and close higher value deals, improve discovery, or just understand your own website, and SEO, a little better, web audits are an important tool that can help.

Do you want to grow and develop your business using a service like My Web Audit? Our coaches at Agency Mavericks can help you. Reserve a call TODAY. Our coaches and a great community are here to help you!

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