Podcast Episode #153

Making Analytics Simple with Asi Dayan and Noam Green

Asi Dayan and Noam Green
Podcast Episode #153

Do you think you’re cut out for doing analytics? Not many web developers are. I mean, we are web developers, not analysts, right?

In this week’s podcast Mike talks to Asi and Noam from Oribi – a company which is basically like hiring a cheap but awesome analyst to give you insights into yours or your client’s businesses. The guys walk us through the types of statistics that you should be measuring as well as the types of metrics and KPIs that you should be asking your customers about when you install analytics and insight packages onto their websites.

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Show Notes

What Exactly Is Oribi and Who Are Asi and Noam?

Asi is the head of marketing and Noam works on the product at Oribi, which is the first analytics and insight tool designed for any type of business of any size.

There are many analytics tools out there but most business owners don’t really know how to understand the results and how to use that for their business. Oribi fills this void between answers and questions so that business owners can easily understand results and get the most out of their website.

Insight Is More Important Than Numbers

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the story behind the numbers. The product translates the figures into everyday language that everyone can understand. A lot of web developers aren’t data analysts. They can install Google Analytics but then don’t know what to do with it and may end up paying an analyst or agency to work it out for them.

Why Is It Important for Businesses to Understand the Data?

Simply put – using the data will help them make money for their business. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. You need to understand cause and result. For example, what happens when you make changes to your marketing mix or the way you target your audience? You need to measure the success of that with actionable analytics.

What data you want will depend on your position in the company. For example, Asi is the head of marketing so he looks at the sales funnel and which marketing channels perform the best. Whereas Noam looks at the funnel and at which stage they lose the people so he can fix those leaks.

As a small business owner, you would need to look at everything from A-Z and it can be overwhelming. They see all of this data and don’t know where to start and what to look at. Do you start with measuring traffic? Opt-ins? Country? Browser? What are the important metrics? Sigh. My head hurts!

Asi and Noam say that it’s also about the data that you choose not to display. You need to keep it lean and focused. When you log into Oribi you get the data you need and you won’t get lost. If you do choose to dig deeper you can of course.

What Do You Do If You Want a Client to Use Oribi?

First, they need to sign up to Oribi, then you add a tracking code to the site. You don’t have to define anything because the script automatically identifies 100% of the events and page visits and you don’t need to change any code to install it. Easy!

What Should We Be Measuring?

Depends on the type of customer because each business has their own set of goals. If it’s a website that displays ads then obviously they need as much traffic as they can. However, most websites need people to subscribe or to buy something. So those are the ones that need to improve their sales funnel.

Many people focus on the traffic, but the conversion is more important and also the source. Mike mentions that he tracks the conversion from when the visitor comes from Google compared to when they come from social media. Then you know where to invest more time and money. One may bring you more traffic, but the main thing is to find out which one converts so you can focus your efforts there.

Even if you didn’t know that breaking it down by channel was important, it doesn’t even matter because Oribi will give you all the important information. The problem with a lot of other analytic packages is knowing what to focus on.

You cant just measure one metric at a time. You need to measure a few at the same time. Decide what your KPIs are and then measure from there. Sometimes your goals change and if you don’t change the analytics accordingly you don’t get the answers you need.

Improvement is easy to track as you can easily attribute that to a campaign or a change that you have made in the marketing. However, understanding why numbers are down is more difficult. So when you have the answers to what isn’t working and why then that’s the sweet spot for you.

Most business owners aren’t aware of how useful analytics can be for their business and don’t know what questions to ask. So as web developers it is our job to know the questions to ask that will lead clients to the right answers.

Ask your client:

  • Who are the customers?
  • What are the companies goals?
  • What are the KPIs?
  • What are the key points of action on the website?

Golden Nugget Tips:

  • It’s not about traffic, it’s about conversion
  • Look at the numbers that go down rather than up
  • Breakdown the conversion by channels

Oribi has a free trial so for more details click the link in the links section below. Sounds like it will make life a whole lot easier for many people.

So that’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning in. Let us know if you have tried or are currently using Oribi. We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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