Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Selling WordPress Services

Do you ever feel guilty about selling WordPress services to clients? Like somehow you’re ripping them off because you’re doing something they could easily do on their own if only they took time to research it? Or perhaps it’s the fact that WordPress and many of its integrations are free and you feel that your markup is too high?

You should never feel guilty about that.

Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Selling WordPress Services

A WordPress consultant recently told me she felt guilty about selling a service she believed her clients could do well enough on their own. The problem with that thinking is it removes the client’s feelings from the equation. Sure, they could hop online, watch a few video tutorials, and figure out how to set up a WordPress site in 60 minutes. Would it be any good? Heck no. Would it do them just fine for the next month or so? Maybe, but they’d eventually need your help anyway.

Let me tell you a story.

For years, there was a loose hinge on one of the cupboards in my kitchen. I tightened it over and over again, but it was a short-term solution that I knew would eventually need fixing. When the door eventually fell off, I had to decide:

  1. Do I spend an entire weekend watching videos on how to repair a broken hinge, buy all the equipment needed to do so, and repair it myself?
  2. Do I pay a skilled tradesman $100 to get it done in 45 minutes?

I paid him.

As I sat there and watched him work, I realized I could’ve done it on my own. But I was happy to pay him for the desired outcome because I felt my time was best spent doing other things.

That’s exactly how your clients feel about the services you provide. They could probably download WordPress and WooCommerce, write some copy, and push their site out with a default theme template. But their time would be better spent solidifying their product, improving their business model, and sourcing customers. That’s why people are willing to pay you well to be their WordPress consultant.

You provide a valuable solution that gives clients the freedom to focus on what they excel at.

And that's why you should never feel guilty about selling WordPress services.


Look, if you ever feel guilty about selling WordPress services or feel as though you should lower your prices, remind yourself of the perceived value from your client’s point of view.

You are the WordPress expert who can do this work much more quickly and produce better outcomes than your clients ever could if they tried to do it on their own. The knowledge itself isn’t what makes you or your services valuable to them. It’s your ability to effectively apply that knowledge to a real world situation. So, don’t sell yourself short.

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