No Price Tag on Peace – Building a Business with a Team Culture that You Love

Jen Sakowski

with Jen Sakowski

As a business owner, you’re constantly exposing yourself to the public and may often doubt your abilities. Because we put ourselves out there regularly, confidence is essential. 

Even one piece of negative feedback can trigger a slippery slope of self-doubt. That’s why it is so important to engage in positive conversations with oneself. You need to be your biggest supporter and encourage yourself. 

A common sentiment that is expressed by many mentors is that most problems in a small business are often a reflection of the owner's mindset and internal struggles.

Whenever things become difficult, it can help to take a break and go for a walk. Listen to podcasts and practise positive affirmations. 

Every business owner encounters rocky times, and it often correlates with something going on in their personal life or mindset. It could be a moment when they haven't been the leader they aspire to be or when they haven't taken enough action in a specific direction. These issues within themselves can then create problems within the business. The anxiety as a business owner feeds into the business, creating a cycle of negative impact.

Remember to take simple actions to address these challenges. 

In this episode of The Agency Hour Podcast, we’re thrilled to be joined by Jen Sakowski, Founder and chief officer of Raney Day Design.  Jen is a former member of the Mavericks Club and now serves as a Mavericks Club Coach. In this episode, Jen discusses her journey of regaining confidence after becoming complacent in her business. She talks about the importance of managing mindset and embracing discomfort as a means of personal growth and also emphasises the value of peace and explains why it cannot be measured in monetary terms.

Jen comes from a background of a non-for-profit world. That's where she fell in love with marketing. And from there, she started her business as a side hustle. A year later, Jen moved 355 miles from Greenfield, Indiana to Pennsylvania, began working full-time to her business and never looked back. 

Jen's entrepreneurial journey is marked by significant milestones. It all began when she discovered the blueprint framework, a valuable resource that provided her with the necessary structure for her business. With this framework in place, Jen secured her first client, experiencing the thrill and challenges of hustling in the beginning stages. Along her journey, she had the opportunity to meet Troy, who became a source of inspiration and support.

Driven by her determination, Jen successfully reached her initial goal of a six-figure income and is now on the verge of doubling it. She understands the importance of taking one small action at a time, recognizing that consistent progress is the key to sustained growth. Throughout her journey, Jen has come to understand the priceless nature of peace and the fact that it cannot be quantified by any price tag.

Jen has a clear Northstar guiding her path, a vision that fuels her ambition and directs her decisions. She firmly believes in the mantra that if something is not in the calendar, it simply won't happen. This discipline helps her stay on track and accomplish her goals. Her real superpower, however, lies in creating a positive team culture. Jen recognises the significance of building a supportive and cohesive team that shares her values and vision.

Topics covered in The Agency Hour:

  • The blueprint framework 
  • Jens first client 
  • Hustling in the beginning 
  • Meeting Troy
  • Jen meets her 6 figure goal, is about to double it 
  • Taking one small action at a time 
  • And why you can’t put a price tag on peace
  • Your Northstar
  • If it’s not in the calendar, it’s not happening 
  • How Jen remains disciplined
  • Jens real superpower (Team Culture)
  • MavCon in October 

A successful business owner's path requires both confidence and action. Jen and Troy offer insightful advice on controlling thinking, dealing with internal conflicts, and ending the cycle of problems and worry. Entrepreneurs can overcome challenges and grow their companies by developing confidence, using encouraging self-talk, and acting decisively. To succeed, keep in mind that you must first believe in yourself and take the first step.

Discover Jen's illuminating journey as she divulges her success secrets, the importance of taking tiny actions, and the priceless lessons she has learned along the road in this compelling podcast episode of  The Agency Hour that will inspire and prepare you to realise your own entrepreneurial potential.

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