Our Coaching Team in Expanding!!!

Jennie and Adam

with Jennie Lakenan & Adam Silverman

We have a MAJOR announcement….Drum roll please… Our coaching team is expanding! 

We are proud to serve our ever-growing number of Agency owners but as we grow we need to grow our coaching team. We now have a team of 6 coaches at Agency Mavericks with Jennie Lakenan & Adam Silverman, joining our existing coaches, Pete Perry (head coach), Christina Hawkins, Johnny Flash and Troy Dean. 
Jennie and Adam are two of our star Mavericks Club members. Now going to be paying it forward and officially stepping into coaching roles, effective immediately.  

Head Coach Pete (Crispy-Butter) Perry joins them LIVE on this week's Agency Hour, for an introduction to our new coaches and an exploration of how they intend to deliver even MORE value to our Mavericks Club members.

Topics Covered on the Agency Hour/Podcast

  • Head Coach Pete Perry introduces our new coaches Jennie Lakenan and Adam Silverman 
  • Jennie Lakenan
    • Jennie’s Story
    • Life coaching 
    • Working her husband out of a job within months of starting the business.
    • How life coaching improves health and well being outcomes. 
    • How your “story” does not serve you.
    • Providing clarity with your business decisions. 
    • Jennie’s problem that she is trying to solve right now? 
    • How to handle overwhelming tasks by breaking them down into smaller blocks. 
  • Adam Silverman 
    • Adam has “made it” when he gets his tractor
    • Feeling overwhelmed before joining Mavericks
    • Collaboration is so much easier. 
    • Being vulnerable and asking for help
    • People who own a business, know their one skill set and have to learn everything else. Agency Mavericks help with that. 
    • Adams Story
    • Understanding the limitations and hiring staff to fill the gaps
    • The difference between your safety zone and your comfort zone. 
    • Only earning revenue when your on the tools can be really dangerous
    • What problem are you trying to solve right now? 
    • How do you know what to focus on?

It is so exciting to have new coaches on our team that can bring a fresh perspective and different skill sets to the table. Jennie Lakenan's experience, especially in life coaching, makes her an excellent addition to our staff. Not only does she have first-hand knowledge of how powerful life coaching can be, but she also has studies to back up her methods. If you are curious about how life coaching could improve your story and help you achieve success, reserve a call with us today. You won't regret learning more about this effective technique.

The biggest takeaway from Adam Silverman’s story is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. In fact, it’s often better – and easier – to delegate tasks and put your trust in a team of experts. This can be especially helpful for small business owners or solo entrepreneurs who are wearing many hats and may not have the time or knowledge to complete all the tasks required to run a successful business. If you find yourself in this situation, we suggest reaching out to Agency Mavericks.

Do you want to have a catch with one of our amazing coaches in order to grow and develop your business? Reserve a call TODAY. Our coaches and great community are here to help you!

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