Proposals VS Statements of Work

Joe Ardeeser

with Joe Ardeeser

Agency life comes with its fair share of challenges. If you're feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a rut, this segment offers insights into how to inject joy back into your agency's daily grind, making it essential listening for agency owners.

In this episode of The Agency Hour Podcast we delve into proposals, the highs and lows of agency life, and even Troy Dean's midlife crisis haircut. 

Joining us is Joe Ardeeser, the Founder of and an expert at crafting proposals—a subject that might raise some eyebrows around here. It's a lively discussion filled with wit, wisdom, and a few unconventional insights. 

Topics Include:

  • Troy's midlife crisis haircut
  • The function of a proposal
  • A proposal vs a statement of work
  • productising the thing (How successful agencies productise their services)
  • Building momentum over time
  • Your market defines your roadmap
  • The plan for AI moving forward
  • Why agency life can stink sometimes an how to fix it 

Joe takes a stance on proposals, something we've been rallying against. Tune in to hear a fresh perspective that might just make you rethink your stance on the dreaded ‘P' word.

We also explore AI. Artificial Intelligence is not just for tech giants; it's becoming part of the agency landscape too. Joe discusses how AI can be integrated into agency processes, and why it's essential to keep up with this trend. For agency owners, understanding AI can be a competitive advantage and a peek into the future of business operations.

So whether you're itching to debate proposals, looking to untangle the mess that agency life can sometimes be, or just curious about Troy’s new haircut, this episode has something for you. 

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