Reducing growing pains with Juliana Marulanda

Juliana Marulanda

with Juliana Marulanda

In our latest episode of The Agency Hour Podcast, Mavericks Club Coach, Johnny Flash sits down with Juliana Marulanda. 

Most business owners get to a point where their business is working, but they don’t know how to scale. That is where Juliana Marulanda comes in. A business operations expert with over 20 years of experience across Wall Street, the nonprofit sector, technology startups, and family-owned businesses, Juliana and her team at ScaleTime have now served over 500+ digital agencies. Featured on Forbes and Entrepreneur, she helps up level businesses into lean, mean, profitable machines.

In this episode, Juliana explains why agencies hit certain plateaus as they reach different revenue milestones and how they can break through by utilising the right resources. After all, the resources that are available to you when you’re a freelancer vs when you have a team of 70 staff members, look very different. 

Juliana also discusses the four pillars that will help you achieve consistency across all of your systems, the bottlenecks that she has observed that impede agency owners' progress, and time-saving tips that will allow them to focus on growing their business rather than spinning plates and putting out fires.

Topics Include:

  • Reducing the growing pains for marketing agencies
  • Trying to get to the first million (Operator – CEO – Investor)
  • How the marketing changes for agencies as they grow
  • The missing link in Marketing
  • The pillars of process
  • Consistent client results via Processes (The 4 pillars of process)
  • Diagnosing Founder-itis 
  • Downloading your brain
  • Using White label services
  • Juliana's quick tips for improving your business

The strategic usage of White Label services and its effect on business growth are also discussed in this episode. Juliana concludes by offering some brief, practical advice for improving the efficiency and profitability of your company.

Don't miss this fascinating discussion, which is jam-packed with useful tips and ideas that will transform the way you manage and expand your agency.

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