Staying Sane while Scaling Your Business: Insights from Entrepreneur Nathan Hirsh

Nathan Hirsch

with Nathan Hirsh

Staying Sane while Scaling Your Business: Insights from Entrepreneur Nathan Hirsh

In this week's episode of The Agency Hour Podcast, we had the honour of speaking with Nathan Hirsh, entrepreneur and the creator of multiple companies, including Outsource School, AccountsBalance, EcomBalance, and (Now sold)

Nathan shares his remarkable story of how he started a successful business selling baby products on Amazon while still in college, and how he went on to create his own agency that helps people hire pre-vetted freelancers. He also talked about the challenges he faced while scaling his businesses, and how he managed to remain sane during the process.

Nathan's suggestion to control expectations by using your own language was one of the most important lessons from the episode. In order to motivate your staff, clients, and stakeholders to take action, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to effectively explain their vision and goals. In order to accomplish this, Nathan devised his own language, which he then used to build profitable businesses.

Additionally, Nathan offered helpful advice on how to hire developers, common hiring errors, and the reasons why business owners should never do their own bookkeeping. In order to free up time for higher-value activities that can help the business expand, he emphasised the significance of assigning assignments and outsourcing jobs.

For business owners who wish to grow their companies without losing their minds, the podcast is full of enlightening tales and useful advice. 

Topics covered in The Agency Hour:

  • Who is Nathan Hirsch?
  • Selling baby products on Amazon 
  • $1 million to $12 million 
  • Pivoting from amazon seller to starting free-up (Helping people hire pre-vetted freelancers
  • How to remain sane while scaling 
  • Who were the clients?
  • Managing clients expectations (Followers, Doers and Experts) 
  • Living on a knife’s edge  – The stress that accompanies Selling your business 
  • Selling a course on the hiring process 
  • How to find good Development talent 
  • The common mistakes to look out for when hiring a developer
  • Why entrepreneurs should never do their own bookkeeping 

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