The MavCon Experience with Emily Bryant, CEO of Agency Mavericks

Emily Bryant

with Emily Bryant

MavCon, our eagerly anticipated live, in-person mastermind event on the Gold Coast, was approaching. Agency owners from all around the world were eagerly anticipating the event and excitement permeated the air. However, the Agency Mavericks team were unaware that a shocking turn was about to put their resolve to the test. 

The Unforeseen Challenge

As the occasion drew close, MavCon was overshadowed by uncertainty due to the illness of our vivacious host, Troy Dean. Our team faced a challenging task: to recalculate the timetable and make sure that our clients received the outstanding value they anticipated. Troy's excitement and charm were usually essential components of the experience.

The team huddled together, brainstorming and strategizing. Our Maverick spirit refused to be daunted. We knew we had to rise above the circumstances and make MavCon an unforgettable event, despite this unexpected setback.

Fueled by adrenaline and a shared passion for empowering agency owners, the schedule was reimagined. The team made swift adjustments, shifting sessions, and reorganising activities to create a seamless experience for our clients. Every minute counted, and every detail had to align.

Genuine teamwork thrives during difficult times. Our tight-knit Agency Mavericks family came together as one. We helped each other out, divided up the work, and convinced our clients that MavCon would not only happen but would exceed their expectations.

The MavCon Experience with Emily Bryant, CEO of Agency Mavericks.

In this episode of The Agency Hour Podcast, Emily Bryant, CEO of Agency Mavericks, sits down with Troy Dean to discuss MavCon and the recent successful pivot of the schedule when Troy fell sick.

Troy and Emily also delve into Emily's journey to becoming the CEO of Agency Mavericks and the positive impact it has had on the team, their confidence, and profitability, before touching on the upcoming HighLevel summit, where Troy will be speaking, as well as the exciting details about the next MavCon event happening in Virginia, USA. 

Topics Include:

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