The Power of SOPs: From Burglary to Business as Usual


with Thomas Amos

Listen up, agency owners! This episode is a crash course in resilience and business acumen. Thomas Amos, Agency Maverick Coach and founder / CEO of and  walks us through his unbelievable journey of rebuilding his agency following a catastrophic burglary.

If you ever questioned the importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), this episode of The Agency Hour Podcast will make you a believer.  

Show Notes

The True Benefit of Recording SOPs

Thomas breaks down why having SOPs in place is non-negotiable for any agency owner. It's not just about having a Plan B; it's about setting up a structure that runs like a well-oiled machine—even when you're not in the driver's seat.

Recovering from a Horrific Burglary

Our guest recounts the harrowing experience of losing virtually everything—twice—and how SOPs played a pivotal role in his recovery. Every agency owner should hear this story; it's a wake-up call and a lesson in resilience.

Stop Being the ‘Do-It-All' Person

Thomas dishes out some hard truths about the pitfalls of micro-managing. Learn how to effectively use SOPs to delegate and focus on higher-level tasks that only you, as an agency owner, should handle.

Where to Start When Creating SOPs

Feeling overwhelmed with where to start in the SOP maze? Thomas lays down a simple roadmap to get you on track. This is gold for any agency owner frozen in the headlights of procedural planning.

Using Star Wars to Incentivize SOP Creation

Just when you thought SOPs were a snoozefest, Thomas spices things up with his Star Wars-themed incentives. A motivated team is a productive team, and what's more motivating than channelling your inner Jedi?

Topics Include:

  • Thomas joins Mavericks Club
  • What are SOP's
  • How to create SOP's
  • Thomas team suffer a burglary
  • Where to store your SOP's
  • Using Star Wars as a theme to incentivise the team
  • Where to start with SOP's

From surviving unthinkable to freeing yourself from the grind of everyday tasks, this episode is a must-listen for any agency owner.

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