The Riches Are in the Niches With Nicholas Dogulin


with Troy Dean & Nicholas Dogulin

Have you ever heard the saying “The riches are in the niches?” It's a popular quote for a reason. When it comes to digital marketing, carving out a niche is key to success. And no one knows this better than Nicholas Dogulin. As an agency owner and digital marketer, Nicholas has carved out a successful career by specialising in marketing of the dental industry. In this episode of the Agency Hour, Nicholas shares his tips on how to find your niche and turn it into a lucrative business venture.

Topics Covered on the Agency Hour/Podcast

  • Who is Nicholas Dogulin?
  • BNI networking tips
  • The importance of building relationships and partners
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Importance of having a business coach, lawyer and bookkeeper in your corner
  • Referrals dry up eventually, what to do from there?
  • Nicholas’s niche of dental companies
  • Building relationships in your niche 
  • Database reactivation campaigns 
  • Recurring Revenue 
  • Scope Creep 
  • How has Agency Mavericks helped him grow?
  • How HighLevel has helped his business
  • Understanding your niche and training your staff to understand that niche
  • Responsibilities of team members 
  • Importance of training staff in the processes of the business
  • Customer service team members

If you want to dominate your industry, it’s important to understand the nuances that make up your niche. Nicholas Dogulin is a prime example of someone who understands this concept and has applied it to great success in the dental marketing world. By understanding his niche, training his staff accordingly and using Agency Mavericks courses and coaching; he is able to continue to be successful in his industry. Do you want to do this your niche? Talk to us today!

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