Close More Deals With This Follow up Email Sequence

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You’ve sent out a new proposal and you’re feeling pretty good about your chances of landing the deal. After all, they seemed pretty stoked about it over the phone.

But then one day passes.

And two.

Pretty soon, it’s been nearly a week and you’re starting to second-guess yourself. Were they faking enthusiasm for the pitch? Did you price it too high? Have they found someone better to handle it?

Stop overthinking it before you end up sending that email you know you want to send:

“Oh, hey, just wanted to get your thoughts on the proposal.”

The last thing you want to do is give them the sense that you’re feeling desperate or insecure… because it’ll likely lead to a conversation that starts with:

“Well, I really loved your proposal. Everything looks good. But can we talk about price?”

Following up with them doesn't remind them why you're the best person for the job.

Chances are that they have a cheaper proposal by a web designer who will do an average job. But it's hard for someone who isn't in the web industry to understand what can go wrong if they hire someone who doesn't completely know what they're doing or care about best practices.

Enter, the Anti-Follow up Campaign… 

Rather than give them an opening to haggle, you can flip the script and send them an email sequence that educates them, gives them value and positions you as the expert.

What is the Anti-Follow Up Campaign?

Basically, an anti-follow up takes the proposal out of the equation. Instead, you develop a series of emails (that go out every few days) that enable you to:

  • Educate the client.
  • Nurture the relationship.
  • Position yourself as an authority.

If you do this correctly, then you turn them into the pursuer instead of the pursued.

Just keep in mind that these emails need to add value and be authentic, so focus on sharing information they can actually use. For instance:

  • Web design trends they should be aware of to keep their site looking fresh this year.
  • Finding the right WordPress theme for their website.
  • Learning about future SEO techniques.

Your competitors are too busy looking at them with dollar signs in their eyes. You’re simply trying to help them run their business and WordPress site more effectively. As such, they’ll see you as the only expert they can trust.

Automate Your Anti-Follow Up Campaign

There are many tools you could use to automate this campaign such as ActiveCampaign.  Just remember to make sure that it is set up to send in the recipient's time zone, not on a weekend and space them three days apart.

To help you get started, I've taken out a few email templates from our Blueprint course:

Download Your Free Anti-Follow Up Email Templates

Close more deals with this email sequence.


At the end of the day, you want your perceived knowledge and expertise to be what convinces them to sign a contract, not your persistent nagging about whether or not they looked at your proposal yet.

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