How a Signature System Helped Our Client Go From $0 to $10k per Month

A signature system is an ideal way to position your business in an oversaturated market.

When Johnny Flash started his business, he had no recurring income. He couldn’t create a stable stream of clients that would provide reliable cash flow. It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if only he hadn’t quit his day job before striking on his own.

Not having a structure for bringing in new clients was a big problem for him, which he didn’t even know until he joined the Maverick Club. 

In the first year of the program, Johnny was already making more with his business than he did at his job and side projects. There was no looking back from this point on.

Little by little, Johnny streamlined all his processes and he soon created a system that showed his clients that they were in good hands.

And he got outstanding results!

He grew his income from zero to $10,000 per month!

Not only that, but his agency is best-rated on Google in all of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Also, his goal was to get 50 Google reviews in three months, which came up a little short at 46 reviews. But since then, he’s picked up over 60 stellar reviews!

How was Johnny able to achieve such astronomical growth?

It’s largely attributed to his signature system. This is what created the streamlined processes that helped him grow his business.

Before you find out how to do the same, let’s first have a look at how a signature system works.

What Is a Signature System?

By definition, a signature system is a methodology that is unique to your business. More than that, it demonstrates your ability to deliver proven results for your clients time and time again.

In practice, a signature system takes your knowledge, experience, and IP and turns them into an easy-to-follow process. Your clients can then use this process to get the results they expect from you.

This might sound strange but think about it. You’re probably giving away your knowledge and IP. You offer it for free during the initial consulting sessions and then change for your deliverables.

If this is your business model, you might need to make some changes.


Because it’s not sustainable. You must find a way to capitalise on your knowledge and IP. And a signature system is the way to do it.

Why Do You Need a Signature System?

Right now, you might feel comfortable charging only for your deliverables. You might not worry about the fact that you’re giving away your experience and knowledge. But if you look further into the future, you’ll see why this is so dangerous.

Most of your deliverables will get augmented or completely replaced by technology. This applies to everything – from content creation to running ad campaigns.

If you need proof, just look at the changes that Google and Facebook are making to their ad platforms.

These companies are already working on a program that can write copy and select the best creative output. The software then split-tests different permutations to see which of them will create the best campaign.

Google openly talks about the massive amounts of data that it’s gathering for these purposes. They feed the algorithm so that it can get more intelligent and perform more actions. And it will grow to be extremely capable over time.

In this scenario, what do you think will happen if the only thing that you do is run ads for your clients?

With the advancement of technological solutions, chances are that your deliverables won’t be necessary anymore. Your clients can simply turn to a machine to get the job done. The same goes for graphic design, web design, and other deliverables. If you rely on these deliverables for growth, it’s only a matter of time before you get replaced by AI.

In the next three to five years, we can expect this to happen at some scale. But not if you have a unique signature system.

Your signature system takes the knowledge and experience out of your head and puts it into a system. Your clients and your team can then follow this process to drive results. As for the deliverables, you can outsource them or leverage upcoming technologies.

Think of it this way:

You can either take advantage of those new solutions or allow them to run you over.

With a signature system, you’ll be doing the former. It’s a powerful way to ensure that you don’t get replaced by a competitor, technology, or anything else. In fact, the more you leverage these emerging technologies, the more profitable your signature system will be.

After you’ve developed a signature system, clients won’t be able to find such a system anywhere else but your business.

Future-Proof Your Growth

Whatever your scope of services, the odds are that you’re not cashing in on a lot of knowledge. You’re just using it to get a client on board.

Your intellectual property is just going to waste. But with a signature system, you can unlock the value and offer it to your clients. As you might expect, the reward will be much higher as well.

The question now is, how do you create a signature system for your business?

We’re here for you. Click here to book in a call to see how we can help you create your signature system.

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