Why Choose the Harder Option?

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with Troy Dean & Benjamin Williams

This week on The Agency Hour Podcast, we're joined by The 55 Guy, Benjamin Williams of 55 Knots.

In this episode, Ben shares his fascinating story about choosing the harder option, leaving his role as Creative Director at eBay, and creating his own agency.

We also dive into the importance of writing a strong design brief, letting go of control in order to focus on growing your business, as well as the difference between an unlimited design service and a dedicated team member.

Topics Covered on the Agency Hour

  • Who is Benjamin Williams?
  • The issue with working with Agencies 
  • Why choose the harder option?
  • Pivoting the business model before it was cool
  • Growing a team in the Philippines 
  • The trick to letting go of control so that you can focus on growing your business
  • The difference between an unlimited design service and a dedicated team member 
  • Creating an effective brief 
  • The fastest way to grow your agency 
  • Where to find Benjamin Williams to help make an impact on your business 

In order to successfully grow your business, it is important to let go of control and focus on what you're good at. An unlimited design service can help free up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business, and a dedicated team member will ensure that the quality of your work remains high. 

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