WP Elevation Mental Health Month

What is WP Elevation Mental Health Month?

In May 2017, WP Elevation is focussing it's content on Mental Health as a way of bringing awareness to WordPress professionals. As an organization, we feel strongly about promoting and supporting understanding around mental health issues. We want no WordPress business or freelancer to feel alone or isolated when it comes to mental health and motivation.

All WP Elevation podcasts and blog posts for the month of May will focus on the subject of mental health – drawing awareness to an often taboo topic. There will be live streams and bonus content on the subject, so watch out for a variety of content and expert guests.

We have chosen to support Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI), a non-profit corporation dedicated to raising awareness, educating, and providing resources to support mental wellness in the tech and open source communities. We will be promoting their fundraising program throughout the month.

To learn more about OSMI or to support their campaign, head to their website and hit the DONATE button: https://osmihelp.org/donate


Content Schedule

The WP Elevation Podcast

May 4: Ed Finkler from Open Sourcing Mental Illness, interviewed by Gin McInneny
May 11: Cory Miller from iThemes, interviewed by Kristina Romero
May 18: Andrew Pearce from Anxiety Free Living, interviewed by Cath Hughes
May 25: Amy Felman – Psychologist and Podcast Presenter of We All Wear it Differently, interviewed by Mike Killen

The Blog

Each week throughout May a new blog post will be published with a different focus on Mental Health. From personal stories by Troy and our coaches, to tips and strategies, this content aims to educate and promote discussion around the issue.

You can find the WP Elevation Blog here: https://www.agencymavericks.com/blog

4 May – “My Disastrous Business Decision And How I Resurfaced” by Kristina Romero (WP Elevation and KRMediaDesigns)

10 May – “What Happens to Your Business When Your Personal Life Implodes” by Cath Hughes (WP Elevation and Phase Creative)

17 May – Vlog post from WP Elevation Coach Mike Killen

24 May – Personal post from Troy Dean on his experience with mental health issues

Live Stream

Troy Dean,  Carrie Dils and Matt Medeiros chat mental health and the WordPress community: Monday 15th May 3pm PDT / 6pm CDT (Tuesday 16th May 8am AEST)

Kristina Romero chats with Bridget Willard from WordImpress and Women Who WP: Monday 22nd May 10am PDT / 1pm CDT

Social Swipe File

Copy and use in social throughout the month of May

Tweet: Great content around mental health in the tech space in @wpelevation Mental Health Month http://bit.ly/2oRet3z

Tweet: All content in May is being dedicated to mental health @wpelevation Join in the conversation – http://bit.ly/2oRet3z

Facebook: It's great to see such an important issue as mental health being given the airtime it deserves. WP Elevation has dedicated all content in May to mental health. Be sure to check out their weekly podcasts and blogs. Join in the conversation about mental health in the tech industry. http://bit.ly/2oRet3z


If you have any further questions about Mental Health Month or would like to offer your support by way of promotion of the month or contribution of content, you can contact us at [email protected].

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