You Don’t Know What You Think You Know

Adam Silverman

with Troy Dean & Adam Silverman

Tune in to this week's Agency Hour episode with Troy Dean and Mavericks Club Coach, Adam Silverman, to learn how Adam made the switch from professional drummer to running a successful web agency. How to go from struggling to get a clear scope of work with spray and pray sales calls, to using paid discovery to illuminate scope creep and close prospects into ongoing recurring revenue clients, with a ridiculously high close rate. 

Topics Covered on the Agency Hour/Podcast

  • Who is Adam Silverman?
  • Why make the switch from professional drummer to running a web agency?
  • Spray and Pray sales calls – Struggling to get a clear scope of work 
  • Troy’ first ecommerce website in Magento 
  • What do Adam’s results look like now?
  • Going from a 25% to a 90% conversion rate
  • How to get paid to say no to prospect with no budget
  • The one thing that is working really well
  • Designing a process for running paid discovery workshops 
  • Why would anyone pay for a paid discovery workshop?
  • Why does Adam sell paid discovery straight from the triage session?

Adam is a great example of how taking massive imperfect action continuously helps improve his business. With years of experience and success under his belt, he's sure to have some helpful tips and tricks up his sleeve. From going from a 25% to a 90% conversion rate on sales calls to designing a process for running paid discovery workshops, Adam has made quite the impact not only in his business but also has a coach, here at Agency Mavericks. 

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