101 Ways to Elevate – #28 Check Grammar

Number twenty-eight: Check Grammar

Good day, I'm Troy Dean from Video User Manuals and Agency Mavericks. This is the 101 Ways to Elevate Yourself and Demand Higher Fees, a practical guide for WordPress consultants to start attracting better quality clients, work on better more interesting projects and get paid better fees. Now, let's go elevate.

Number 28. Check grammar. Not really much to say in this episode apart from I can't tell you how many times I have seen proposals from other WordPress consultants or other web agencies where the sentence structure is really poor, there are spelling errors. As I mentioned in a previous video, the company name could be wrong because someone's copied and pasted and hasn't paid attention. It's really important that you check grammar on emails that you send to your clients, proposals that you send to your clients, content that you manage for your clients, any dummy content that you put in. Make sure the grammar is always spot on. Run it through a grammar check or have someone else in the organization check it.

Again, I know it sounds rudimentary and really obvious, but this is one of those things that will tarnish the professional image that you have of your company if your grammar is poor and your spelling is poor, it just puts a little black mark against your name and it can really damage the trust that you've built up with your client by getting this basic fundamental stuff right. So, make sure that you are all across your spelling and grammar and make sure nothing leaves the building unless it has been double or triple checked and you're absolutely confident that it's good to go.

In the next video, I'm going to explain why you should not call your client to follow up your proposal. Until then, go elevate. Make sure you subscribe to the 101 Ways Podcast in the iTunes store. Just search for 101 Ways to Elevate or visit us at wp101ways.com and download the free 101 Ways ebook.

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