101 Ways to Elevate – #75 Link Tagger

Number seventy-five: Link Tagger

Good day I'm Troy Dean from Video User Manuals and Agency Mavericks. This is the 101 Ways to Elevate Yourself and Demand Higher Fees. A practical guide for WordPress consultants to start attracting better quality clients, work on better more interesting projects, and get paid better fees. Now, let's go elevate.

Number 75: Link tagger. Google has this thing called a link tagger which allows you to tag links that you use online so that when someone clicks on a link that you've Tweeted or used on Facebook or sent out in an email or left in a comments field on someone else's blog or forum when they click on that link and land on your website Google Analytics can track where they have come from and the campaign that they have engaged with to land on your website.

What I like to do is I like to educate my clients about how to use the link tagger and I give them the link to the link tagger and I say, “Hey, if you're going to start tweeting about your website or you're going to start posting an ad in emails use this link tagger so you can track which campaigns and which sources of traffic are most effective for your website.”

Most web developers don't bother doing this. It takes a couple of minutes to make a generic video without mentioning client names that you can then reuse in the future. Host it on Vimeo, send it to your clients or even stick it up on YouTube. Send it to your clients and say “Hey, I made a little video for you about how to use the Google link tagger, which will help you work out where your traffic coming from and which campaigns and which sources are most effective.” That goes a long way to elevating you above the pack.

So number 75 is show your clients how to use the Google link tagger. In the next video you're going to learn what to put in your calendar. Until then go elevate.

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Troy Dean

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