Create Irresistible Offers To Win Customers

Welcome to another episode of Silence is Golden where we share invaluable tips for your WordPress business.

Not sure how to get that foot in the door and stand out from the pack? In today's episode, find out how to use irresistible offers to build a relationship and trust with potential clients. Irresistible offers are those smaller projects that prove you can deliver results so that you can ultimately win the bigger projects.

In this episode, you will also get to see the big reveal of the new studio… and wowee… aren’t we fancy now! Troy and Simon also talk about the release of Canva 2.0, Typeform's new product launch and Elon Musk smoking weed on the Joe Rogan podcast (costing him millions).

It’s an epic episode so be sure to tune in!

Watch the Video

Agency Mavericks’s Studio Make-Over

Tune in at the beginning of the episode to check out the new studio and to hear Troy explain his future plans to make even more changes to the studio.

Troy also tells us about his vision for the company over the next 10 years – he sees Agency Mavericks moving towards becoming an internet publishing house for freelancers and small consulting agencies.

We would love to hear your feedback on the changes. We would also love to hear from you if you would like to collaborate in any way with us to produce and provide amazing, broadcast quality content. Feel free to send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: “Publishing House”.

Stuff That Happened

At the 8.53 minute mark, we discuss the industry news from the past week.

Canva Launches 2.0

There hasn’t been an announcement yet, but Canva has released version 2.0. You can now actually publish to the web which is another step towards making content creation more accessible and easy for people. You can also export to print or straight to Facebook.

Typeform Launch Conversations

Typeform's new product Conversations turns any static web page into a live chat. If you’ve used Intercom, it is similar in the way that it pops up in the corner of the website. It’s also an amazing form builder that puts the focus on one form field at a time instead of embedding the form on the page.

Elon Smokes Telsa Stock

Best story of the week! Elon Musk managed to send shares in Tesla tumbling by 7% after he was filmed smoking marijuana during the recording of a podcast. Check out the face he pulled after his toke. 

Facebook Watch Launches

Watch is comprised of shows, a new type of video on Facebook. Shows are made up of episodes – live or recorded – that follow a consistent theme or storyline. Seems like Facebook is wanting to go up against YouTube in a big way! We're looking forward to using it though!

What Made the Wee Come Out?

Around the 17 minute mark, the guys tell us what made a little bit of wee come out.

Envato Elements (BETA)

The Envato Elements plugin which is free! It gives you access to a growing library of Template Kits. Each Kit is made up of multiple templates that are tailored to a specific niche. Once you find a template that you like, you can directly import it into your library, or use it to create a new page. Simples!

The Golden Nugget

We dig into the Gold Nugget at the 20.05 minute mark.

Irresistible Offers

Our friend Mike Killen always says:

What better way to show that you’re valuable than by being valuable

It can be a long process if you are pitching a project worth $10 – $30k. So if you can deliver great results for something on a smaller scale first, then that is a great way to start the relationship and build trust.

Think about ways that you can get your foot in the door whilst offering something of value. For example, optimising their Google Places account or run one Facebook remarketing campaign and show them that you can get results quickly.

It's hard to get your audience to understand that you really do deliver results based on your marketing because everyone’s copy seems to be the same. So how do you get them to choose you over the others? Get your foot in the door!

How Do We Craft an Irresistible Offer?

Instead of coming up with a new product, think about the client's end goal. What retainer do you want them to be on? Or think about the website that you want to build them and then break that down into smaller chunks.

You could charge for a discovery session where you map out the project. This leads towards the end result that you want them to sign up for.

You need to also think about the language that you use when you pitch to the client. Use words that relate to the outcome and what they want rather than technical jargon that doesn't mean much to them. For example, the words “website audit” can put people off. It sounds so serious! Speak to what they want and rephrase it to something else such as “Website Accelerator”.

The Lead Generating Machine:

Here are the steps in the funnel:

  1. Create a valuable piece of content
  2. Set up a strategy call
  3. Offer something irresistible. Some examples are: an SEO discovery session, a Google My Business set up, a road mapping session, or a site speed overhaul. You need to achieve a result that the client wants. So don’t offer something that you think that they would want – ask them enough questions to uncover that.

What’s your irresistible offer? Let us know in the comments below. (Something tells me that Troy’s offer of “nude folk dancing” isn’t going to work.)

Tool of the Week

In order to help you with your irresistible offer, you may need to brush up on your copywriting and marketing ideas and we have just the tool to help! is basically a place for copywriters and marketing minds to dissect and discuss great marketing examples. So if you're looking for ideas and inspiration, it's a good place for research.

Let’s Get Unstuck

At the 36.35 minute mark we look at a question from Jeffrey Marbury:

“What if you were dumb enough to start a project for a family member without talking money terms?”

First of all! You aren’t dumb enough! It happens and now it's just about how you can manage this moving forward. You’re never stuck in something that you can’t get out of. You can always approach this issue and turn it into something that works better for you.

It’s an illusion when people feel they’re stuck in a situation because they messed up in the past. You just need to have an honest and open conversation and reset the expectations. It’s never too late!

Troy says that the response should always be:  “I can build you a website, or we can remain friends”

Wrap Up

One last thing…

We have another Facebook channel where we are starting to share some amazing content to help you scale up your business. It's the RockStar Empires private Facebook group with loads of free content. (Soon to be rebranded). Join in and invite your freelancer friends to join too!

See you next week!

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Madeleine Keogh is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Agency Mavericks. She has a background in marketing, copywriting and used to run her own WordPress business. Outside of work, you'll find her at the beach or doing yoga.

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