Facebook Ads Hack: warm traffic vs cold traffic

With the launch of our Facebook Ads Accelerator course happening this week,  I've been getting quite a few questions about Facebook ads and how to use them to get more leads for your business or for your client's business.

So in this whiteboard lesson, I want to talk about the difference between warm traffic and cold traffic, and give you something super practical that you can dial in to start getting better-qualified leads for your business at a cheaper rate.

Okay, so first you need to have your “conversion page” all set up. That could be a sign up for a free training webinar, a sign up for a checklist or a download, or it could be a sales page for a product.

Then you need a “thank you page” which is where you will measure return on investment, or return on ad spend, depending on what it is you're measuring.

The Rookie Mistake

What a lot of people do when they're first starting out with Facebook Ads is drive people straight to their conversion page. But that's super expensive, for two reasons:

  1. These people don't know you and no trust has been built with them.  So the chance of them booking straight away isn't good because they are cold traffic.
  2. Facebook doesn't want you to send people away from Facebook. Think about their business model – Facebook make money out of you clicking on ads. If you click on an ad and leave their platform and go to a website, they've lost you. So you're going to pay a premium as an advertiser to drive people out of Facebook onto your own website.

So Where Should You Drive Your Traffic To?

  1. You can send your cold traffic to a video on Facebook which is super cheap. The reason is you're not asking people to leave Facebook so they will reward you for keeping people on the platform.  Plus it's video content, which is super engaging. So you can typically get a video view for one cent.
  2. You can send people to a super helpful piece of your content which is still going to be cheaper than sending them to your conversion page. This is because you're taking them from being cold traffic to warm traffic. They're getting to know you now and they can see that you know what you're talking about. But the content has to be helpful, educational and position you as the authority on that particular topic.

Once people have read your epic piece of content or watched your video on Facebook, you drop them into what's called a “custom audience”. Then you need to promote the conversion page to the people who are in that custom audience within Facebook.


The audience is now familiar with you and they're aware of what your message is. And Facebook isn't going to penalise you because you've already done the work to keep people in the platform or send them to content.

These conversions are going to be a lot cheaper than sending cold traffic to the conversion page.

How to Make An Epic Piece of Content

If you're an Elevator who has completed the Blueprint program, you'll have learned the importance of niching and your sweet spot.

So what I would do is take your sweet spot, and I would ask yourself what is the number one thing that we help our clients with the most? Use the Pareto principle. What's the 20% that we do that delivers 80% of the value?

Then start to produce videos for Facebook and some content to warm your audience up and use your custom audience that has already seen this content and promote to them. This could be a strategy call, your project application or some kind of free training so that you can start a conversation with them.

So there you have it gang! If you'd like to start bringing in more clients with Facebook Ads, then don't pay someone else to do it for you. Join our Facebook Ads Accelerator course which is being offered for this week only at half price! Learn more here. 

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Troy Dean

Troy Dean

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