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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with an astounding 1.63 billion daily users.

When executed correctly, Facebook Ads are a highly effective paid marketing tool, able to reach a specific target audience, and generate outstanding results.

Many small business owners are dependent on word-of-mouth recommendations. While referrals can generate some significant work, they are not reliable or stable in the long term. Often, business owners are left with an unpredictable flow of work, lacking a stable monthly revenue.

This perpetuates small business owners into a constant state of survival mode and causes immense stress. Not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from is mentally exhausting! Additionally, it makes you question your decision to operate your own business. Would it be easier to return to employee status and settle for a salary?

There is a way to remove this pressure and predictably fill your client pipeline with new business. Facebook Ads.

Not only can you reach a wide audience, but you can also target a specific group, acquire further insight into your ideal client, and quickly test sales angles without wasting time.

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Facebook Ads allow businesses to approach their ideal customer and generate new business at a low cost. If you are not implementing Facebook Ads, you are simply leaving money on the table.
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Monthly Facebook Users
Most visited site in the world
Of high-income earners use Facebook
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How can a Facebook Marketing Course help my business?

Having a robust lead generating system is excellent for your business's stability and consequently your confidence. Facebook Ads are the most laser-targeted form of paid marketing, are fast to implement, and can reach a wide audience.

Learning how to construct and implement an effective Facebook Ad campaign is a valuable skill that will benefit your business greatly. The advantages of completing a Facebook Ads course include:

Lower costs

Remove management costs by running your own Facebook campaign.


Have complete transparency and control of your Ads.


Decrease your dependence on word-of-mouth referrals.


Target a specific audience and generate new leads.


Reach a wide group of people, not limited by location.


Easily test sales angles without wasting time on extensive research.


Control your budget and offers.


Fast set-up and results within hours.

A Facebook Marketing Course can transform your business.

Unlike SEO or Google Ads, Facebook Ads can target a more specific audience. Moreover, with a short set-up time, you can publish your Ad and generate results within hours.
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Strategy and Management: A Facebook Ads Course with a difference

At Agency Mavericks, we help digital marketing freelancers and agency owners to take their business to the next level. We work with passionate business owners from across the world, teaching them the strategies and processes to excel.

In our Facebook Ads Course, we teach not only the skills to manage your internal Facebook Ads campaigns, but also enable you to offer Facebook Ads Management as a service to your clients.  

At Agency Mavericks, we make a promise to only teach:

Proven strategies that have been tried and tested in different sized agencies across the world.​

Actionable processes that are all accompanied by a relevant template, file, or resource.

Facebook Ads Accelerator by Agency Mavericks

The Facebook Ads Accelerator is our ridiculously uncomplicated step-by-step process for creating highly effective, top-of-funnel, lead gen Ad campaigns.
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Facebook Ads have become an integral marketing tool for small and large businesses due to their unique ability to reach a targeted audience in a matter of hours. Low budget, high impact, and large audience. Sounds perfect! So why do so many Facebook managers and business owners struggle to execute an effective Facebook Ads campaign?

The problem is that their Ads are not implemented correctly. Agency Mavericks’s Facebook Ads Accelerator is a five-week online course that will teach you the essential skills and processes to execute an effective Facebook Ad campaign.

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Enroll in the Facebook Ads Accelerator course and also join our exclusive online membership group. This support from like-minded digital marketing entrepreneurs will encourage you to excel and connect you with freelancers and agencies across the world.

If you are tired of unpredictable workflow, are ready to generate leads beyond word-of-mouth referrals, want to access a tried and tested step-by-step campaign process, and are ready to work hard to achieve your goals – this course is for you!

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