Future-Proof Your Business With a Signature System


A signature system can take your business to a whole new level. Here’s how to create one.

When Simon Mauger, Founder of practiceedge, first started his business, he was unsure of its direction. He struggled to achieve clarity and get his business off the ground.

To fix this, he tried working with various coaches. Simon’s goal was to build the systems that would maximise the potential of his business. However, he couldn’t get the desired result. None of the coaches that Simon worked with could guide him in the right direction.

When he joined the Mavericks Club, that’s when everything changed.

For the first time, Simon found what he needed in the Mavericks Club. He finally had a coach that could support his growth. Not only that, but he also discovered the nine core aspects of his business that needed attention. Also, the 90-day plan drew a roadmap to the results that he’d wanted for so long.

Now, Simon has grown to ten local staff in his office in Melbourne. He’s no longer a solopreneur, which gives him the freedom he needed.

Not only does Simon not have to struggle anymore, but his business is also on its way to greatness. This is all happening without organic or paid marketing!

The most important thing that Simon did was standardising his deliverables. He now uses his signature system to accomplish this. It delivers predictability and, more importantly, results for his clients.

You can also achieve this outcome if you want.

Let’s start by explaining why you need a signature system in the first place.

The Commodity Issue

From the market’s perspective, all your deliverables are commodities. People can get web design, digital marketing, SEO, and similar services from any of the competitors. And this leads to price undercutting.

Consultants know that a client can go to Upwork and get those services for $500. So, why would they want to pay you $1,500 or $3,000 per month to do the same thing?

If you’re like most consultants, you might look at your services this way. Sure, you’re confident in your ability to do a better job than the competition. But you’re afraid that your target market will simply go out there and find a cheaper option.

Naturally, this prevents you from earning as much as you deserve. You compromise on your profits out of fear.

It doesn’t have to be like this. And that’s where a signature system comes into play. It lifts your services off the level of commodities and allows you to earn more for the work you're already doing.

What Does a Signature System Do for You?

Probably the best way to explain what a signature system does is with a real-life example.

You probably know Russell Brunson as the founder of ClickFunnels. But did you know that a signature system is the main reason for his success?

When he started ClickFunnels, it wasn’t any new technology. It was a classic drag-and-drop landing page builder. Plus, the competition was fierce. Leadpages was the market leader, followed by Squarespace, Unbounce, and more. In short, landing page building was as much a commodity as the typical deliverables nowadays.

However, Brunson got creative with his positioning.

He decided to put his landing pages into one folder and call them funnels. He then spent three years explaining to the market why they need funnels. All of a sudden, ClickFunnels became the only place where you could buy them.

All other competitors were selling landing pages. But not ClickFunnels. Even though it’s essentially the same product, Brunson repositioned it in a way that stands out. In other words, he created his own signature system.

And that’s exactly what you should do as well!


Because without a signature system, you may not be in business in five years.

Now, it’s important to understand that building a signature system isn’t about working more. On the contrary, it’s choosing what you do best and packaging it into a system.

You don’t need to learn any new skills to build a signature system. You can do it even with the knowledge and services you already have.

More importantly, you don’t have to do anything you’re not good at or to outsource. Following the Pareto principle, 20% of your work delivers 80% of the value to clients and 80% of your profits.

All you have to do is find that 20% and turn it into a signature system. If you do it right, it can be the best way to convert your high-ticket sales funnel.

A signature system will allow you to start charging more right away. People won’t be able to buy your signature system from anyone but you, so you can maximise your earning potential.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Hopefully, you now understand the value of a signature system. As you can see, it’s a perfect way to make sure that you never become a commodity.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to offer something new to the market. Brunson certainly didn’t in building his business to a level that many people can only dream of.

How amazing would it be to do what you love and get paid as much as you deserve? After all, that’s why you went on this journey in the first place.

But, how exactly do you create your signature system?

That’s what we can help you with. Click here to find out about our brand new training – The Godfather Method.

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Troy Dean

Troy Dean

I am the Founder of Agency Mavericks. The reason I get out of bed every day is because I love helping people to grow their web design or digital marketing businesses. I do this through coaching, creating courses, speaking, consulting and heading up our awesome community.

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