How to Do Fewer Things, Better

Welcome to the lazy show where Simon and Troy tell us how to do less. Sounds good right? Simon also hits the streets in a new segment where he asks people what they think about running a business and just how much do they think a website should cost.

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Stuff That Happened

Tune in at the 6.43 minute mark, when Simon brings us the latest news for the week by showing Troy an image and letting him guess what it’s about.

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What Made the Wee Come Out?

At the 18.24 minute mark, Simon tells us what got him so excited that a little wee came out!

.new Domain Google Shortcut

Here's a quick tip from Google! You may already know that Google owns the “.new” domain. Well, now you can type “” into your search bar and it will create a new Google doc for you in a flash!

Word on the Street

Simon hits the streets at the 23.25 minute mark and asks people about digital marketing, business and some other random things. (Fun to watch him get rejected too! Poor Simon! LOL)

The Golden Nugget

At the 29.45 minute mark, we dig into the golden nugget of the show.

It’s the end of the Agency Mavericks “Elevate Month” where we publish content about operations, processes and working towards having zero turbulence in your business.

So Simon found an interesting article from Psychology Today about doing fewer things and doing them better. It begs the questions – why do we feel that we need to busy all the time? Does it become a sense of our identity? Does adding things to our to-do lists give us a sense of accomplishment?

So there are a few things you can do:

1. Focus on what's essential and be ruthless about it.
2. Prioritise quality over quantity. You may have a massive to-do list and it may look like you're getting through it all, but do those small tasks make an impact on your business' overall goals? Are they moving the needle to get you where you want to go?
3. It's not about ticking things off – it's about looking at what have you achieved.

Simon gets his team to use a Scrum board where you have three lists – to do, doing and done. Then in their end-of-week meeting, they look at what everyone has achieved. This allows everyone to feel a sense of accomplishment and they can then celebrate those wins together.

The moral of the story? Shift your attention from “doing” to “impact” because moving the needle matters more than how busy you are.

Troy tells us that he has a saying that keeps him in the present moment and focussed on what he is doing:

Potato on the plate

This came about because one night he was serving up the roast dinner and started to feel anxious. So instead of letting his thoughts race, he said to himself. “Just focus on the moment, on putting the potato on the plate.” He was able to calm his mind and body by simply staying present. Love it!

Tool of the Week

At the 34.20 minute mark, Simon tells us about, well, a collection of tools really – SetApp.


SetApp is a subscription of Mac Apps which costs around $12 a month. Simon's favourite app so far is Paste. It's a clipboard manager that stores and organises all of your copy and pastes. It automatically stores everything you copy across all your devices. 

Wrap Up

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Madeleine Keogh is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Agency Mavericks. She has a background in marketing, copywriting and used to run her own WordPress business. Outside of work, you'll find her at the beach or doing yoga.

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