The Power of Business Mastermind Groups

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The Power Of Business Masterminds

I’m a firm believer that when you get amazing minds together in one room, amazing things happen. If you follow Agency Mavericks on Instagram, you’ll know that we recently held our Mavericks Mastermind event (affectionately known as “MavCon”) in San Diego and it was absolutely epic! We learned. We masterminded. We broke through barriers.  We ate tacos. It was awesome. We were lucky enough to also be joined by special guests Chris Lema, Dana Malstaff and Chris Martinez to help guide our mastermind to growth. In this post, I'm going to share with you some of the key takeaways from that event and explain why masterminds are the shortcut to growth.
Business Mastermind Group

Dana Malstaff: Positioning Yourself as a Business Partner To Your Clients

Dana Malstaff. AKA “Boss Mom“, was able to grow her brand into a six-figure business in less than a year and is the expert in our Content Strategy Blueprint Course.

Dana brought her 10 years experience in content and business strategy to our mastermind to help us learn how we can create offers that our clients actually want to buy and how we can increase customer lifetime value.

Check out the clip below, where Dana explains how to position yourself as the expert for your clients and why it's essential to put more offers in front of them.

Chris Lema: How Your “Helping” Is Getting In Your Way

Chris Lema is a man who needs no introduction in the world of business and WordPress. Among many talents, Chris is known for is his thoughts on the power of storytelling when it comes to selling products and services. If you've ever seen Chris speak live, then you know it's a masterclass.

Chris lead an incredible session on how to identify and resolve the business risks of digital agencies, as well as how we're getting in the way of our own business without even realising.

The thing is, many of us love being helpful, which can be a great thing, but it can also be a hindrance to your team.

When there's something that needs to be done and employees ask for help, what tends to happen is that we jump right in and “save the day” by showing them how to do it or doing it for them.

The trouble is, this causes a feedback loop, where you become the bottleneck and your team are not empowered to creatively solve problems and get the work done when you're not there.

So what can you do to empower your team instead?

Let go of the reigns a little! As sobering as it might be, you're not the best one to know how to do everything. Empower your team to think creatively and guide them to find the answers.

You will be far better off at leading and coaching from a top level rather than wasting time micro-managing, which can be disempowering your team.

Check out the video below to learn how Chris Lema describes how we can end up in the “being helpful” trap:

Join Our Agency Mastermind

From the years that Troy Dean and I have been coaching freelancers, agencies and running masterminds, we asked ourselves – what do the most successful people in the groups have in common?

Anyone could say it’s their hard work.

Or their confidence.

Or their business model. Or their business savvy.

Or that they have built a great team.

All these may be true, but what can sustain all of this?

We've found that the people who are the most successful are the ones that show up consistently, ask for help, give everything they can and take massive imperfect action.

That’s the real secret.

Success doesn’t come overnight, it comes from consistently showing up and taking the right actions over time.

The sooner you start taking the right kinds of actions, the sooner you can shift the trajectory of your future to where you want it to go.

To change your trajectory, it comes down to two options:

Option #1 – keep doing what you’ve always been doing (frankly, if that was going to work, it would have by now).

Option #2 – join our agency mastermind at Mavericks Club and get the tools, a plan and support from other agencies that are on the same path as you so you don’t have to go this business thing alone.

It’s still going to take time and it’s still going to take hard work.

You can decide to go at it alone or you can decide to work with us and our mastermind, get the shortcuts and go together.

If you're serious about growing your agency, then apply for Mavericks Club below and let's elevate your business.

Simon Kelly

Simon Kelly

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