The Power of Remarketing and How to Get it Right

Welcome to another episode of Silence is Golden where we share invaluable tips for your WordPress business.

This week Simon and Troy are in SanDiego running a Maverick's Mastermind, so Gin and Ray are stepping in. Ray is usually the man behind the cameras running the whole show, but today is his premiere in front of the camera! He is Agency Mavericks’s marketing genius and is going to share some of his knowledge with us about the powers of remarketing.

We also bring you the latest news including Matt Mullenweg's presentation at WordCamp Europe, mobile first indexing, and the Automaticc acquisition.

We start the show by crossing over to Simon and Troy at the Maverick's Mastermind to hear all about it. Day one has apparently been pretty impactful so far. The group have worked on profitability and put their heads together to help each other with their businesses.

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Stuff That Happened

Matt Mullenweg Unveils Gutenberg Roadmap at WCEU

Matt Mullenwerg presented his keynote speech at WordCamp Europe with mixed reviews. This article is a good break down of the Gutenberg timeline which is one of the most pressing questions for those who work in the WordPress ecosystem. Matt thinks it will be all good to go in August and it seems that some are worried about this time frame.

A Groundbreaking Publishing Platform Joins the WordPress Family

Automattic has acquired the Atavist platform, magazine, and team. Find out more in this article. Ray thinks this is a good thing so that there will be more quality and in-depth content produced rather than the spammy type of writing.

5 Things You Need to Know About Mobile-First Indexing

As you might know, Google is rolling out mobile-first indexing as we speak. But what does that mean for your ranking? Should you do anything? This post from Yoast talks you through five things you need to know about mobile-first indexing.

Metorik for WooCommerce

Metorik is a cool dashboard that shows you all the stats and figures you need to help you make better decisions regarding your promotions and products. This interview with Bryce Adams, the sole developer and creator of Metorik, is about how he came up with this accounting app and why it’s beneficial for e-store owners.

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This Pisses Me Off

This is Gin’s first official this pisses me off! Woo!

She says that two weeks ago she was looking for a good quality sleeping bag and checked out the Macpac site. Ever since then, the ad has been following her around. Every time she gets on the internet- it's there! It's annoying her so much that she doesn't want to buy it!

Ray says that this is an example of the fact that remarketing can work or it can go the other way if not done well. It does work to keep the brand at the top of mind but you need to find the right frequency so that it doesn't annoy people. So check your Facebook Ads Manager to see how often your ads are being shown. If the ad is being shown 5 or 6 times to a single person, then that is too high.

The other thing that people get wrong with their remarketng is when the person buys the product and the ad still follows them around. This happens with the user is pixeled at looking at a product on Website A but then buys it from Website B. A good way to avoid this is to ensure that the ads follow someone for only 3 or 4 days when the buying decision is higher anyway.

Let’s Get Unstuck

The question from our Facebook community this week was:

How do you know how much effort and time to put into building new relationships and chasing new leads vs remarketing and nurturing your existing leads?

This is Ray’s forte and he is a big believer in finding the balance. Every business owner needs to explore this and find what is right for them. There is no rule but Ray works on that basis that 80% of marketing should be focussed on new business and 20% on remarketing.

Remarketing is about reminding your current customers that you still exist. This could be as simple as remembering people's birthdays and sending a birthday offer or focussing on cart abandonment campaigns and following up with those people.

Ray's advice is to start with a 10% focus on remarketing and if it working, then increase it until you stop getting the results.

The Golden Nugget

When it comes to remarketing, Ray says there are three areas of focus:

1. Who Knows About You?

The first thing to know is – who knows about you? To do this, you need to install pixel codes across your website. Google Tags Manager is a great way to manage the tags so that you can just embed one code across the website. This means that your marketing will be much more targeted. For example, you may want to market something to the people that read a particular article on your site.

2. Segment the Audience

A lot of these platforms allow you to upload your data into different lists depending on the audience type. This is particularly helpful for e-commerce sites who have a large number of users on the list. As long as they have done a transaction with you and you are following the privacy laws then you can see how many matches there are and remarket a message to them.

3. Show you Care!

 No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Nurture your warm list with little things such as a birthday message and let people know you’re thinking about them. Message your top clients and ask what you can do to help them or just keep in touch with friendly messages (depending on your relationship with them). Or send some information to them that will be of value to them and their business. Then keep track of who you are contacting in an Excel spreadsheet or your CRM.

Tool of the Week


Sync2CRM connects with Infusionsoft, ActiveCampiagn and MailChimp. It grabs your database and synchronises the data onto Facebook Audience Manager. This creates lists which can sync as often as you like. This tool makes it really easy to create different lists and send tailored messages depending on their tags. There's a 30-day trial, so give it a go!

Wrap Up

See you next week everyone! And in the meantime, check out our “How To” YouTube series for some hot tips by subscribing to our channel. 

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