2019 Recap: The Top 10 Episodes, WP Elevation Milestones and More


with Troy Dean

WP Elevation

In the final episode for 2019, Troy looks over the past year and celebrates milestones both within and outside the walls of the podcast studio. But that’s not all. He recaps the top 10 episodes of the WP Elevation podcast along with all the really cool resources and insights that came out of them.

Want to give your brain and business a major workout one more time before the year ends? Give this episode a listen or check out the shownotes below.

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Show Notes

Behind the Scenes of WP Elevation in 2019 (2:30)

There’s been a lot brewing behind the scenes at WP Elevation this year, starting with the team responsible for bringing you everything you see here.

New Team Members

WP Elevation welcomed the following team members in 2019:

  • Eva, Executive Assistant
  • Max, Podcast Producer (not a new hire, but he is now an employee)
  • Seb, Videographer and Editor

In addition to helping to bring the new recording studio to life, these new team members have and will continue to be an integral part of WP Elevation’s mission to provide all clients, users, followers and passersby with a great experience.

WP Elevation Around the World

WP Elevation was all over the globe this year.

Santa Monica for the Mavericks Club Mastermind event and WP Elevation Live in February and June. There were many great speakers at these events, including Dana Malstaff, Chris Lema and Adam Preiser.

Melbourne (and Santa Monica) for the Agency Accelerator event. Mental health professionals Dr. Sherry Walling and Dr. Joanne Dennison joined these events to talk about entrepreneurship and mental health.

London for Lee Jackson’s Agency Transformation Live event where Troy was the keynote speaker.

New Course Releases

Three new courses joined the WP Elevation Blueprint this year:

High Ticket Sales Funnels with Dave Foy.

Content Strategy Blueprint with Dana Malstaff.

Facebook Ads Accelerator with Kim Barrett — which is on sale now.

Office Expansion

WP Elevation moved into a new office space and got a serious upgrade to its studio this year. Check out the last few episodes of the podcast and you’ll get to see the new digs!

Troy’s Favourite Podcast Episodes in 2019 (7:00)

From January to December, these are Troy’s favourite episodes of 2019. If you missed them the first time around, now’s a good time to catch up!

Build a Website in a Weekend with Matthew Averkamp (Ep. 197)

Matthew Averkamp introduces us to Launch Party, a free three-day challenge that teaches WordPress newbies how to build a website over a single weekend.

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Turning Debt into a Million Dollar Business with Miles Becker (Ep. 200)

This is the story of how the financial crisis could’ve devastated Miles Becker’s life and career. Instead, it was his resilience and desperation during this time that led him down a path of greater success.

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Kate Toon on the Benefits of Productising Her SEO Business (Ep. 205)

While you’ll hear a bit about Kate Toon’s professional journey, this episode is also chock-full of indispensable SEO tips and tool recommendations.

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How Great Support and Content Helps Kinsta Grow with Brian Jackson (Ep. 210)

The CMO of Kinsta WordPress hosting discusses the company’s unique approach to growing their business: 100% organic content marketing.

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James Schramko Reveals His Tips for Success with Team Management (Ep. 214)

James Schramko of SuperFastBusiness discusses the challenges of managing a remote team and how he’s managed to counteract them in his own business. As Troy points out, one of the keys to success is by delegating outcomes to team members; not just tasks.

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How to Use Sales Funnels to Level Up Your Business with Dave Foy (Ep. 215)

Troy was incredibly busy in London. Not only was he the keynote at Agency Transformation Live, but he filmed a course and episode of the podcast with Dave Foy. Whether or not you’ve taken the High Ticket Sales Funnels course yet, this episode is worth listening to for the introduction to sales funnels.

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How Amber Hinds Made Her Dream a Reality & Took Her Life on the Road (Ep. 223)

This isn’t just a success story from an Elevator. This episode offers a great lesson on how to leverage recurring revenue so you can live your dream life every day.

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Dana Malstaff Shares the Secret to Creating the Perfect Content Strategy (Ep. 228)

This is another one of those episodes that was filmed while WP Elevation was on the road. This one takes place in California where Dana Malstaff was a guest speaker as well as co-host of the new Content Strategy Blueprint course. This episode digs a little deeper into the secrets of content marketing success.

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Kim Barrett Shares the Keys to Business Success (Ep. 236)

Kim Barrett of Your Social Voice and co-creator of the Facebook Ads Accelerator course really does know the keys to business success. He has a great relationship with Facebook, has run events for Gary V. and interviewed Gary Cardone. Learn more about his entrepreneurial journey here.

Oh, and if you sign up for the pre-sale of the Facebook Ads Accelerator course, you’ll get access to a bonus mini-course he created as well.

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Annie Wright on Neuroplasticity to Overcome Impostor Syndrome (Ep. 240)

This episode features Annie Wright, a licensed psychotherapist, coach and entrepreneur. She talks to Troy about the importance of positive self-talk and how it can rewire your brain.

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What’s Coming Down the Pipeline in 2020?

As the episode winds down, Troy teases a bit of what’s to come for WP Elevation in 2020. While he doesn’t get into specifics, he does mention there’s be more content, courses, podcasts and maybe even some plugins.

Why the vagueness? Well, that’s because a lot of this is still in the works… and he wants you to let them know what you want to see more of. Here’s how you can do that:

Log onto Facebook and join the Digital Mavericks group (that is, if you aren’t already). Once you’re granted access, Troy wants you to first say hi and let everyone know who you are.

Your Assignment

Answer the following three questions in the Facebook group:

  1. What should WP Elevation stop doing?
  2. What should WP Elevation keep doing?
  3. What should WP Elevation start doing?

And if you want to start taking steps towards achieving your own goals in 2020, why not come out to one of WP Elevation’s events?

Troy and the team will be in San Diego in February for the Mavericks Club event. If you’re interested in attending, you can get more information on it here or send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: “Maverick”.

Happy holidays, and we’ll talk to you all again in 2020!

Reach Out

Don’t forget to join the Digital Mavericks group and say hi to everyone!

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