Content Marketing Hack: The Content Shredder

Creating content can be a daunting task for any business owner.

You've heard it a million times – content is king, especially when it comes to getting the attention of your ideal customers and building authority.

Yet, finding the time to actually create content for all the different platforms becomes an overwhelming task and tends to get pushed to the back of the priority list.

Your weekly blog post turns into a yearly update and the only time your clients seem to see content from you is in the form of an unpaid invoice reminder.

Before you know it, your business is becoming invisible, even to your existing customers!

What we want instead is a quick and easy way to create a library of unique content that you can easily pick from and share with your audience to generate more organic leads.

Enter: The Content Shredder.

We’ve developed this system to drastically speed up the content creation process, by turning a single piece of content into multiple formats to create weeks, months, even years worth of content marketing goodness.

This is how you get the most leverage from every piece of content you create and it’s the best return for your marketing time and effort.

One piece of content goes in at the top and it gets shredded out into multiple different types of content in different forms – ready for promotion on multiple platforms.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Start With High-Leverage Content

When you’re making content for the content shredder, it all starts with a video.

Why start with video? Because video can be split into audio, text, images and of course, videos. It’s the highest form of marketing content you can create and it has the most leverage.

Stuck on a framework for creating a video? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that too. Check out the content creation framework for a simple template you can follow to create engaging video content.

Once the video is created, it goes into the top of the content shredder to kick off the shredding process.

Shred The Content

Now that you have your video recorded, the next step is to get the video files exported and ready to publish (we use Final Cut or Adobe Premiere). You then split the videos into smaller snippets to use for posting on social media.

From there, extract the audio straight out of it (using Final Cut) and get the audio transcribed from (or if you don’t mind a bit of text editing).

The transcribed text gets turned into show notes and a blog post. (If you don't have time for this, hire a content writer from Upwork.)

The blog post content then gets split into multiple snippets to use for posting on social media.

You can then get the key points from the post turned into a beautiful infographic, social quote tiles as well as a downloadable lead magnet (which you can design yourself using or Visme. Or you could look into using a service such as DeerDesigner ).

OK, so let’s recap where we’re at so far…

Using The Content Shredder, we’ve now got:

  • Video – for YouTube and Facebook
  • Audio – for podcast and SoundCloud
  • A blog post – for the website, Medium and LinkedIn
  • Multiple social posts – for Facebook and Twitter
  • Infographics – for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Social Quote Cards – for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
  • A lead magnet – for a content upgrade to grow our email list

From that first piece of video content that took around 10 minutes to produce, you’ve got multiple pieces of content in different mediums that you can share on multiple platforms.

Publish And Promote

Now it's time to take all of this content, publish it natively to the relevant platforms, then share it across your network to lead traffic back to a blog post that has a valuable download. Capture their email address to send them the download and then place them into your sales funnel.

So there you have it! That's the process for The Content Shredder. One piece of content goes into the top and it gets shredded out into multiple different types of content.

It’s the ultimate way to leverage your content marketing effort.

Next: Use A Content Strategy

Creating all this content in less time is great, but it’s only going to be as effective as the strategy you use to promote it.

To help you avoid the common mistakes with content marketing so you can develop a content strategy that works, check out the article “Why Creating Content Might Actually Be Hurting Your Business”.

A strategy is not just publishing everywhere and hoping for the best – it’s about putting the right piece of content in front of the right person at the right time, to move them along their journey to becoming a customer.

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