How to Make Self-care a Priority for 2020

Many business owners make the mistake of putting their business’s needs (and sometimes everyone else’s needs) before their own. They justify it by telling themselves:

“Someday things will be easier.”

“I’ll have more money to take care of it then.”

“There’ll be time for that later.”

If you’ve been in that position, you know those are just excuses you tell yourself to get through another day, week or month of business while continuing to ignore your own needs.

Here’s why this is a problem:

You are one of the most critical assets to your business.

Why You Need to Make Self-care a Priority

When you’re running on fumes, you’re overcome with stress or you’re feeling generally burned out, your business will suffer. Why? There are a number of reasons:

  • It’s a struggle to focus.
  • You constantly put off important tasks because you don’t feel up to the challenge.
  • You deliver half-assed work just to get it off your list… only to have it sent back to you.
  • Difficult conversations and complex scenarios are too hard to navigate, so your business never realises its full potential.
  • Your self-worth and resiliency drop to an all-time low.

Look, there’s nothing selfish about prioritising self-care. In fact, one could make the argument that self-care benefits your clients just as much as it benefits you.

By taking better care of yourself, every minute that you step inside your business will see you working at your level best. You’ll think more clearly, feel stronger and be able to make important decisions with confidence.

And guess what? It’s not difficult to make self-care a priority. Here’s how:

25 Ways to Make Self-care a Priority Today

1. Work Out

Hit the gym. Go for a run. Sweat it out in yoga. Just get that blood pumping! And if you're tired, take a walk in nature.

2. Eat Healthily

Mickey D’s is not your friend. Or your wallet’s. Cook healthy and tasty meals at home instead.

3. Hydrate

Skip the sugary drinks and caffeine. Hydration is good for mental and physical health.

4. Get Outside

Let the fresh air clear your mind and stretch those legs. Nature is a great way to reset the body and mind.

5. Manage Mental Health

Don’t put your mental wellness on the back burner. See a professional when you’re struggling. Listen to self-help podcasts and YouTube videos.

6. Be Mindful

Pick your poison: go to church, meditate, do yoga. Don’t worry about yesterday; focus on today. Download a free meditation app such as Insight Timer.

7. Unwind Every Day

Schedule time between work and bedtime to relax and get yourself out of business mode without a screen.

8. Practice Gratitude

Get a journal and write down the 5 things you’re grateful for every day. Research has shown that it has incredible effects on mental health!

9. Get Quality Sleep

Don’t just focus on quantity. Create a consistent nighttime routine for quality sleep.

10. Seek Inspiration

Listen to positive, uplifting music. Read a good book. Listen to inspiring podcasts. Watch a movie about your (new) hero.

11. Friends & Family Time

Your business isn’t the only thing deserving of your time. Make room for loved ones.

12. Do Some Good

What cause is near and dear to your heart? Volunteer your time or donate.

13. Indulge in Hobbies

Do something that brings you joy and has no connection to your business.

14. Design the Ideal Schedule

Find your most productive days and times — then work them!

15. Set Boundaries

Maintain balance by setting boundaries. When you work. Where you work. How you work.

16. Turn Off Notifications

Multitasking hurts productivity and causes stress. Stay focused by hiding distractions.

17. Clean Up

De-clutter your work environment and make more room for creativity and productivity.

18. Follow a Budget

Don’t allow debt to get you down. Set a budget for both life and work.

19. Set Goals

Prioritise urgent and important tasks and projects. Fill in the gaps with the rest later.

20. Work in the Sweet Spot

What are you good at? What gets you up in the morning? Operate in your genius and build your business around that.

21. Pay Yourself

It doesn’t matter if it’s $50 or $5,000 a week. Get paid for all the hard work you do.

22. Delegate

You’re not a machine. Focus on your strengths; delegate the rest to team members and tools.

23. Practice Resilience

Whenever you feel frustrated or deflated, reflect on at all that you’ve accomplished to date.

24. Find Your Tribe

Share your pains, celebrate your wins and make lifelong connections with others like you. Join a club or chat with people at your local cafe.

25. Schedule Breaks

Carve out time every week, month and year to step away from business and rejuvenate.

Need a Daily Reminder of This?

We've created an infographic of these self-care tips that you can download and stick on your wall. Then there's no excuse to do something at least once a day. Download the infographic here. 

Last Thoughts

You are not alone (even though it might feel that way sometimes). Many business owners go through a phase where self-care gets put on the back burner. Trust us. We’ve been guilty of it, too.

But once you get into the habit of making self-care a priority, your business will become much easier to run and you’ll find that success comes naturally.

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And most importantly… don't forget:

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