ManyChat Tutorial: How to have effective conversations with your audience on Facebook

ManyChat Tutorial

In this video, I explain our content creation framework and specifically how you can use it to program conversations in ManyChat.

Our go-to framework for creating any piece of content is to always start with the promise of the content. In other words, why should someone give up some of their time to consume your content?

For example, the promise that I'm giving you for this video is that I'm going to teach you the content creation framework and how to apply it to ManyChat.

I also need to explain that ManyChat is a great opportunity to get your audience engaged. And the open rates and click-through rates in ManyChat are super high.

The second thing you want to do is talk about the problem. In this case, the problem is that it's a conversation so you can't just broadcast blog or podcast content in ManyChat because the medium is Facebook Messenger and it needs to feel conversational.

The third thing you want to do is bust a myth in some way. So right now you might be thinking that you're just going to take your existing content and put it into ManyChat. But I'm going to bust this myth by explaining that it's not going to work because people don't engage when they're being broadcasted at. So you need to really understand your audience and what they're responding to.

The next thing you want to do is just teach the teaching points. So here I go…

An Example of a ManyChat Conversation

When you create your piece of content using our content framework, you can then split these out into individual conversation pieces to crate your ManyChat conversation.

Let's start with the promise:

“Hey Troy, do you want to learn how to use ManyChat to make more sales of your online course?”

Then you provide two buttons for them to choose from:

  • Yes
  • No

That's the promise of the conversation. If the person clicks “yes” then you can continue the conversation.

Next, you need to ask them what their problem is. So you would say something like:

“Cool, so what's your biggest problem with using ManyChat right now?”

Then provide the options:

  • I'm not using it
  • I'm using it, but not getting the results
  • I'm using it and I'm getting good results, but I want better results

Then based on their answer, you're going to bust a myth. For example:

“Well, you might've heard this, but it's not true, and here's why”

Then you want to teach them the teaching points:

“We just published a blog post about ‘blah'. The TL;DR version is ‘this'…  Is this helpful?”


  • Yes
  • No

If “yes”, then we keep going.

What you might want to do here is just finish off by providing a rookie mistake or a power tip, otherwise known as the “do's and don'ts”.

And then the final thing is a call to action. So if you're having a conversation and you get someone through to this point you'd say something like:

“I'm just letting you know we've got a ManyChat course coming out and it gets released tomorrow. Click here to enrol”

This is super effective people the only people that are seeing this conversation are people who've engaged in the whole conversation. So you're not spamming a whole bunch of people who aren't interested because you've exited those people if they said no.

These people are highly engaged, that means they're highly interested.

Speaking of which… if you're watching this right now at the time we publish this, there are about four hours to go of our Facebook Ads Accelerator course, which includes a ManyChat masterclass with Kim Barrett who will show you how you can use ManyChat to get organic leads into your business.


So this is the content creation framework:

  1. Offer the promise
  2. Outline the problem
  3. Bust a myth
  4. Teach the thing
  5. Point out rookie mistakes or give power tips
  6. Call to action

You can use this framework in a blog post, a podcast or a presentation. And then slice that piece of content up into individual conversations for ManyChat.

I hope that's helpful. Leave a comment, question or feedback under this post and let me know!

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